My 7 Links

I've seen this post quite a few times in my travels through the blogosphere and thought that it would be fun to play along and share of few of my older posts with you.

Most Beautiful

International Women's Day- While the photos are not mine they are some of the most moving photographs I've seen on the internet.

Most Popular

I Got Babies on the Brain- Baby fever has definitely hit the blogworld and this post's popularity is a testament to that.

Most Controversial

Baby I Love Ya but You're Making Me Fat! I didn't receive any overly negative feedback but the "f" word is always a sensitive topic.

Why I Won't Read Your Blog- It's my honest opinion but I think it rubbed a few people the wrong way

Surprise Success

Blogs>Magazines- I really didn't expect the amount of feedback on this one but of course, I loved every single comment and shared opinion about it.

Not Enough

Looking for a Few Good Blogs- I definitely would have expected a lot more nominations..there are so many excellent blogs out there!!

Most Proud

Finding My Healthy Happy Weight , I'm Too Sexy for My... , In a Moment of Weakness and My Battle with Compulsive Eating- All necessary discussions that were hard to write but essential to share

There you have it...some of my favorites.

And here's to many more...

So tell me, if you could have me read one of your best posts what would it be? (link please!)


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  1. These are so good! I'd have such a hard time going through all my posts and trying to pick ones.