Marathon Training Week 6- Hot, Hot Heat

Wow! I can't believe it's Sunday already. I feel like I just wrote the post about leaving for the cottage and its already time to come home. While I am not liking leaving and heading back to the city even a little bit, I am pretty sure the week will fly by (wishful thinking right?) and it will be time for weekend antics all over again.

Here's how last week's training went:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9km run
Wednesday: 3km speed session, 30 min spinning, 5km run
Thursday: rest
Friday: 6km run, taught Cycle Pump (45 min)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 20km run

Total distance ran: 43km

What I learned:

Run when you can, rest when you need to. This applies to long runs as well as running in general. I found that there were days where my body wanted to take it easy this week and I let it.

Running in the summer means getting up early. Seeing this time on the clock on a Sunday is annoying when you like sleeping in as much as I do

Getting up for a long run and realizing you don't have: your running belt, iPod arm band or gels might have detered non-marathon Sam. This Sam though needed to make due (money in shoe, iPod in hand, Powerade along the way)

While running in a cute matching outfit might seem like a lot of fun, there is no, and I mean no fun when you chafe the hell out of your inner thighs and have to keep going despite the stinging pain. Shorts might not be a reality for me afterall (I tried BodyGlide and it didn't work) unless I magically acquire thighs that don't touch (more wishful thinking)

It's absolutely okay to walk. I did it alot today and I am fine with it. In fact, when its hot as hell at 9am not-walking is NOT an option

Thoughts this week: Training is going well. There have been a few medical setbacks and hot weather running is challenging but all and all I'm feeling good about running again. The marathon distance still scares the hell out of me but I am also confident it will still to feel a little more manageable as time goes on and the weather cools down.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Attention Runners: I am starting a series featuring runners with all different levels of experience and stories to tell. Whether you are a beginner or you've been running since middle school, whether you are working on your first couch to 5k program, are training for your first big race or have completed several marathons I would love to feature you!

If you are interested in being a part of this series send me an email health.happiness.skinnyjeansATgmail.com

Also: Join in on #fitblog chats this Tuesday at 9pm EST. I will be the guest moderator and would love to hear your thoughts on Healthy Living Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

So tell me, is it super hot where you are? What's your favorite thing to do when it's scorching outside?


  1. Great job today! It was HOT! Sorry about the chaffing. That is NO fun!

  2. I hear you about the heat, it's scorching hot here in Florida & I too am training for a marathon. Waking up that early in the morning should be illegal. Note to self: next race, no training in the summer LOL

    I'm interested in your runner series, will shoot you an email :)

  3. Great job on staying strong through your training Sam! I agree, nothing wrong with walking, especially with the weather we've been having. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! :)

  4. This heat is unbelievable but I am not complaining..I still remember what winter was like here in Ontario...

  5. I agree on the walking deal. Some times walking is a MUST. I stopped a few times during my 6 mile run this weekend. I just had to, and while I get frustrated sometimes I never feel guilty.

    It's miserable here in Florida. No amount of running outside can make you adjust to this ridiculous heat.

    My fave hot weather activity.. boating. I love being out on the boat!

  6. Good luck marathon training! I really want to do one someday. I like reading about your training.

  7. I thought I was the only one who can't wear cute running shorts. Sorry about the chafe -- not fun, indeed.