#Fitblog Chat

Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop in and remind you all that I will be hosting #Fitblog chat this Tuesday (july 19th) at 9pm EST and to encourage you all to join in!

The topic is: Detour! Healthy Living Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

If you have never participated in a #Fitblog chat before this is a great time to start! All you need is a Twitter account and you can participate in an awesome hour of conversation with some really amazing people who are on healthy living journeys just like you!

You can log in to the chat using Tweetdeck, Twitter or the chatroom and you will follow along and join in using the hashtag #Fitblog.

There are a number of questions that the moderator (that's me!) will ask and you can answer by prefacing your response with Q1, Q2 etc.

Like I said, it's a great chance to meet new people, find friends to follow on Twitter and new blogs to read too!

You can follow me @SamSkinnyJeans too if you'd like!


I am so excited for this opportunity and I hope to see you there!

So tell me, have you ever taken part in a #Fitblog chat? Do you plan to join in this week??

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  1. Okay, now i have a better idea what it is i must try to remember to join in!!!
    Thanks for the scoop Sam :o)