A Change Will Do You Good..

I briefly mentioned it in previous post, and while I don't often mention too much about what it is that I do between the hours of 9am-5pm, I thought I should revisit the fact that I was recently promoted (Yippee!)

Why? Well other than liking the idea of sharing good news on my blog it also effects my workout schedule pretty significantly. In the past I was able to work out on my lunch breaks, which meant running with co-workers,  teaching classes like Cycle Pump and Tabata Circuit and having lots of time for the rest of my life once the day as over.

Needless to say, lunchtime workouts were a huge bonus in my life.

Now, due to a heavy meeting schedule, I can't fit it in during the day, which leaves me with two options: Get up early or find the motivation (and time) to go after work.

Lately after work is winning because I deeply value the extra sleep but depending on the day (or what cool stuff is happening in the evening) I may make a few pre-work trips to the gym too.

What isn't changing is that fact that I am going to go the gym. No. I will go. And you will make me. Do we have a deal??

It also means a change to my rest day(s). Since I clearly have more time to sweat it out on the weekend now I am no longer planning to rest on Saturdays. Instead I will do biking or spinning (like today) and rest Friday when I am wiped from a long week at work and not wanting to hit the gym at the end of the day.

Change happens. I'm rolling with it.

Speaking of change, I decided to give myself a little makeover:

People are always telling me to lighten up...they meant my hair right??

I thought so too.

You know what's not changing but should? This heat wave! I hate to be the girl that complains about summer but c'mon! There's hot and then there is this. I am not down for this.

Heat? Humidity? Doesn't Mother Nature know I am training for a marathon?? Gimme a break would ya!

And to think there are people who are all "I love this weather...summer rocks!"

Some people's interests are so self-motivated. Sheeesh! *wink*

So tell me, what's the best change you've made recently? Do you hate the extreme heat or are you weird and actually enjoying it?


  1. LOVE the hair! The color goes really well with you:) Congratulations on getting promoted, and I hope you're able to get into a good workout routine quickly!

  2. The best change I made recently was cutting my hair off after having it down to my waist for 7 years of my life!

    Drastic, I know ;)

  3. Congrats on the promotion...and way to make the best of it. You will find a way to make it work. Your hair looks great! And I know what you mean about training and this heat...it really makes things difficult!!

  4. Your hair looks fantastic! And I agree, mother nature should be much nicer to us during marathon training!

  5. At my job lunchtime workouts are doable occasionally, but definitely not every day. The two best ways for me to fit workouts in are by doing them in the morning (4:45 AM alarms SUCKKKK but it feels so good to have them done with) or going STRAIGHT after work. If I go home first the chance of me getting my workout in is slim to none.

    Good luck with the new transition! Oh, and your hair looks great!