The Day the Music Died

Remember that time that I did a brick workout?

Did one again today..

Remember that time I ran without an iPod and actually didn't hate it?

Did that too...

Something has definitely come over me and whatever it is, I like it!

As a general rule I will always workout when I feeling like breaking a sweat. In fact, I could be in the middle of a wedding and if the mood hit I would run a lap around the hall before the reception started. Don't believe me? Well you'll just have to invite me to your wedding (ahem.. Maria) and see for yourself.

That being said, today was the kind of day that I felt the urge so I hit the gym for a run, bike, run kinda of workout.

The routine:

2 speedy (for me) miles @ 9:20/mile
30 minutes spinning with varying tension and speed (seated and standing)
2 slow recovery miles @ 11:00/mile

All done without an iPod I might add. If you know me, the girl that would leave the gym if my battery died, you know this is a big deal.

Running without music is actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I can think more without it. And thinking leads to distraction. And distraction is gooood.

Now before we get all "Samantha is selling her iPod on ebay" around here, I discovered another reason why earphones come in handy at the gym:

Drown out the "I know everything about working out and I'm going to blab on about it for an hour while I hammer out a measly eight 10lb reps" guy. Ick! I swear, this dude talked non-stop the entire time and all I could hear was him flip-flopping from knowing everything to having 63 excuses for why he couldn't actually do any legitimate working out. How obnoxious.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be all catty and judgemental, but seriously if you are going to talk the talk you better damn well walk the walk. Don't be the guy that gives unsolicited advice to the guys who are actually busting their ass, while you stand there in your barely damp t-shirt rambling about ....well everything.

Not cool dude, not cool. And if I need to I'll substitute earplugs for earphones. Because really, I'd rather listen to the belt on the treadmill then that. Just sayin'.

In sum, I give this workout 2 thumbs up for butt kicking and a half a thumb down for noise pollution. Still a big win in my books!

So tell me, what annoys you about the gym? Do you workout without music?



  1. You are more than welcome to come to my wedding! I'll run a lap with you :)

    Woah - killer 2 miler! I've only worked out a handful of times without music and didn't find it to be so awful. But that being said, today on the treadmill, one of my favorite songs came on and it inspired me to up the pace some...so I guess you can say I get a better workout WITH music.

    Annoying: not wiping down machines after use and making loud noises (hissing, grunting) during weight lifting

  2. I hate gals with make-up on at 5AM, girls who lift lightly, guys who act like douche bags, and people who just have forever conversations at the gym...meet for happy hour instead!

  3. hate those kind of ppl. thjere is a big group of guy like that at my condo gym,. they suck!!!!

    great job on ur brick workout! yay

  4. I HATE people like that. SOOOOO annoying. Especially when you can hear them OVER your iPod. Shut your trapper dude!!

    My iPod died today when I was running. It SUCKED on the treadmill. MUCH easier to do outside!

  5. We have a couple of ladies who come in full makeup and super-stylish workout wear and talk to someone on the treadmill/stairclimber for an hour, hop on a treadmill and walk for 10 minutes, and leave. I don't want to judge here, but really? If I had time to do NOTHING at the gym (or if it was my social hour), I think I'd do it at a coffee shop... or a restaurant... or a bookstore!

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