Do People Really Eat This Junk?

Maybe it's because I spent the better part of the day with a nagging stomach-ache. Or maybe its because I saw someone post photos of poutine with hotdogs on Facebook last night. Or maybe its because everywhere I go it seems restaurants are pushing the bigger, better (and by better I mean greasier and more calorie dense), more theme to their poor over-consuming patrons...

Maybe that's why I came home and Googled these:

Its a burger pizza. All I can ask is why? Okay and maybe how? As in, how do you tell yourself this is a good idea? And how do you live with what I can only imagine is heartburn and indigestion like I've never known (thank goodness!)?

Poutine with bacon. Yes, that's correct; its greasy fries topped with cheese curds, gravy and fatty meat. All I got on that one is ugh!

I am not even sure what this is. It looks likes like a burger with nachos and something really unappetizing on the bottom layer. I can't even make myself go look up what it might be.

That would be pizza with mac & cheese on it. Why not throw on some bacon and call it a party. Call yourself an ambulance while you are at it!

Yuck, another greesy, grimey looking burger with more unknown additions to the bottom layer. It's definitely not spinach and I have my doubts about it even being edible.

Donuts with bacon? I mean, why not? You might as well get the artery-clogging ritual off to a roaring start in the morning!

Its beef. It's bacon. It's a fried egg. It's cheese. Not to mention a side of fries. Now if this one doesn't take you to the cardiac ward in a hurry I don't know what will. Blech!!

I don't eat perfectly. Not even close by a stretch of the imagination. But I don't eat this either and I don't ever plan to. Its one thing to indulge in a decadent meal from time to time but this fat, calorie and cholesterol ladden garbage is not an indulgance its a blatant disregard for health and wellness, at least as far as I can see it.

That's not to say that I judge you if you've tried anyone of these (or all of them for that matter). Food is a personal choice. All I ask is that you recognize that these choices add up and not to something good. Sure, I preach balance all the time and I believe it. But I also believe that there isn't enough spinach on the planet to cancel these bad-boys out.

Just say no.

Your heart and health will thank you.

And no I won't tell you where these images are from. That would just make me a "gross food" enabler. No thank you! You can call Man vs. Food if you want those kind of recommendations...

So tell me, what's the grossest food item you have ever seen on a menu? What are your thoughts about the Bigger, Better, More trend in restaurants today?

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  1. haha, Hubbs would go crazy for the burger pizza! He probably would wish he thought of it ;)

  2. Um... I almost threw up until I got to the mac and cheese pizza, and got hungry. Hahahaha. Seriously though, it's so true. Have you seen those challenges in some restaurants where you have to eat a MASSIVE steak in one hour and you get it for free if you can eat it. I've never understood that. I can't imagine anyone feeling good after eating that much, so what's the point?

  3. Yeah, I caught a show at my MIL's house recently that was about the biggest food servings. Those really gross me out and make me say WHY. I'm usually always anti anything with the word "deep fried" in front of it!

  4. I have actually had donuts with bacon, haha! It was pretty tasty...but something I wouldn't eat more than once a year for sure.

  5. My BF ate mac and cheese pizza once and spent the whole night puking it back up! It just isn't meant to be a good thing!

  6. Oh, there's a whole blog dedicated to this. Sick right? There was a picture of this mug of bacon full of cheddar cheese that my old boss send around - so disgusting!

  7. ew- I gagged looking through those pictures! I'm all for some greasy and unhealthy food now and then, but there is nothing about those pictures that makes it seem appetizing.

  8. Ewwww! My dad sent me an email with similar photos lately and I was eating breakfast off the time - it TOTALLY put me off taking another bite! Like you said, I can't believe people actually eat this stuff!

  9. Ewwww - thank goodness i finished my breakfast before i read this
    I just don't get it either!
    My artories practically shrivel up at the sight of greasy food, i don't eat perfectly either but i've never been able to stomach grease like that ick ick ick
    But great post, lol!

  10. Oh wow, so gross! How do poeple function after eating stuff like this?

  11. I think those donuts have bananas on top of them, which would totally make them healthy...right?!?

  12. i feel like half of that food should be illegal...its kinda like a death sentence?

  13. Oh my gosh. Those photos make my stomach ache just looking at them. My son, who attends college in Vancouver, introduced me to Poutine with bacon while I was there visiting. And by "introduced", I mean he ordered it and I stared at it wondering why he would eat it. But he's 19, and would probably order a second serving if I said anything, so I let it go.

  14. While the pizza and egg-topped burger make me gag, I do find the bacon on a donut kind of appealing. I'm crazy like that :)

    You know what always grosses me out as well? Those 4th of July hot dog eating contests? I cannot watch them.