Get Yer Motor Runnin'...

Alas, the perpetual wait for Friday at 5pm is finally over and it's time to get the weekend started right!

It supposed to be like 11 million degrees again this weekend so I am so pumped that The Boyfriend's parents have loaned us the cottage. Goodbye cement city and good riddance!

My bags are packed and we are about ready to jump in the car and get going. Of course I made sure not to forget any of the important stuff.

If you run and blog I think its virtually impossible to go away for the weekend without at least 23 chargers. Phone charger? Check! Garmin charger? Check! Camera charger, memory card, SD reader? Check!

Its ridiculous.

Oh and looks who's totally torn about me going away and leaving the place unsupervised for a few days.

He'll be having a couch scratching party before I even get on the highway I'm sure.

On deck for the weekend:

Biking (30km)
Running (18-20km)
Blogging (daily)
Relaxing (no maximum)

I can't wait! And on that note, we're off.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

So tell me, what are you planning for this weekend? What's the one thing you always forget when you go away for the weekend?

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