No Regrets....

So I know I haven't talked about it in a while, nor did I give you the promised update on my progress since I signed up for My Fitness Pal a few months ago (I am such a lying jerk, I know!) and because I suspect you have all been just waiting on the edge of your seats, here it is:

I haven't lost a freakin' pound.

Alright that's another lie (its becoming compulsive!)

I lost 5lbs in the first two weeks, got lazy and careless, stopped using the tool altogether and gained the 5 back. Then I gained a few more for good measure.

Not exactly the game plan.

That was in May. Now that its mid July (holy crap where is the summer going!) I am really starting to feel like I let myself down on this one. Too many excuses, too many I'll start tomorrow's and here I am at my "not happy weight" and regretting that I let it get here ....again.

In the words of Karen Lamb:

A year from now you may wish you had started today

On other (Sam) words:

What the hell are you waiting for??

I know that if left to my habits from the past few months I would definitely be wishing I had started something today. So instead of giving myself 365 days to build up some really crushing regret I'm just going to go ahead and start today.

Or rather Monday. As in last Monday.

As of the beginning of the week I am back on My Fitness Pal and keeping track of my food intake and exercise. I am focusing on wholesome food and portion control as well as maintaining my typical activity level in the hopes that I can shed some of the excess weight that is literally bogging me down.

And yes I am still the girl that loves herself at any size. That hasn't changed at all. On the flip side I can't lug around unnecessary pounds because it isn't good for my health or my training. Let's be honest, would you want to run carrying a 15lb back pack?

I think not.

So this is it..no more excuses! I need to own my choices while keeping my goals in mind. I get up and run because I have a goal (ie: marathon) so this really shouldn't be any different. And like the occasional missed workout, a slice of pizza here and there won't destroy my ability to meet my goal.

A slice of pizza and a skipped workout every day might be a different story.

Now I know this is not a "weight loss" blog but sometimes losing weight is a part of an overall healthy lifestyle so my plans are to keep you in the loop as far as progress and insights are concerned. If you are the type to steer clear of this type of conversation because it might trigger an issue for you (or because you find it D-U-L-L) I completely understand. There will be plenty of other posts for you to enjoy.

And yes, there will still be cat photos (who just breathed a sigh of relief on that one??)

Here's a little trick that I picked up along the way: When trying to eat a calorie controlled yet nutrient dense diet, always fill up on veggies.

Yeah, I would say I got that down to a science don't ya think?

Now that's no lie!

So tell me, what's one thing (big or small) you should start today so you won't look back with regret?


  1. I joined Weight Watchers online earlier this year and lost a little bit of weight at the beginning and then went up. Boo.

    I've started using My Fitness Pal and in about a month and a half I've lost 10 pounds.

    Happy Camper = me!!!! :o)

  2. Your salads always look so yummy!

    Something I need to start is choosing to drink water over other things.

  3. good for you! I hope that you are able to meet your goals! I'm just happy you realized that you can't always wait for the perfect start day...your life is happening today!! Just do it!! :) Excited to see progress :)

  4. good for you for recognizing the things you need to change and not being so hard on yourself. I know you can do it! :)

  5. I'v been reading blogs (including yours) for a quite a while now, and this is the first post that has really made me want to comment. I've been dealing with a similar struggle in terms of being at my happy weight and trying to make good food/workout choices. I've been living on my own first post-college, and I find myself struggling with the healthy habits that were easily implemented when I was busy all the time! So I really appreciate you sharing your experience. It's always motivating to remember that we just need to start today, right now. Good luck!

  6. I've been meaning to start using that app! Thanks for reminding me : )
    I feel a lot like you these past couple of months, it's always "tomorrow". I go back and forth between wanting to lose the pounds I've gained over the past year, and then thinking I shouldn't stress because after all it's just a little weight. But carrying around 15 pounds when you're training does make a big difference and one that I've certainly noticed!
    Good luck, let us know how it goes!