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Welcome to Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans!

I'm Samantha, a twenty-something gal from Toronto, Canada. This blog documents my journey since losing over 35lbs in 2009 which kick-started a whole new healthy living lifestyle!

Growing up I always focused on weight loss as a goal. All I knew is that I wanted to be thinner because I was convinced that it would make me happier-that it would somehow make my life better. It wasn't until I lost those pounds that I realized that weight loss wasn't the end of something it was the beginning.

Today I am focused on bigger and better things like balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle. I exercise regularily and have found a new passion: Running.

In 2009 I wasn't a "runner" and had conceded to the fact that I would never be one. I couldn't even run 2k. Then it hit me! I wasn't a runner because I chose not to run. It was as simple as that. I had let a negative mindset, not a physical impairment, hold me back. And enough was enough!

I am proud to say that running is now a huge part of my much happier life. Heck, I am even training for my very first marathon. Things have sure come a long way for me in a short amount of time 

But wait...that's not all. When I'm not running I can be found spinning (another fitness love), strength training, cycling or practicing hot yoga. What can I say, I love to break a sweat!!

Other than fitness, I love to take photographs and read, spend time with my supportive boyfriend, friends and family, and watch chick flicks on a Friday night (I'm such a party animal!!) I am also slowly getting myself into the kitchen more as I incorporate the principles of Eating Clean into my lifestyle.

As you will begin to notice, I like to have a lot of goals and aspirations (once I accomplish one I tend to add another to the list) and Health, Happiness and Skinny Jeans is my way to share them with you. 

Thanks for reading!

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