Ode to a Runner's Boyfriend

There is something extra special about a man who will....

See this face and think "beauty" not "tomato head"

Watch this and not run from your assumed masochist ways

Keep quiet about the fact that, while you once smelled nice most of the time, these days you kinda stink

Accept that workout gear accessorized with a headband is dressed up now

Deal with the fact that a 6am wake up call for a Sunday long run usually means a 6:15 "have you seen my keys/running belt/iPod?" wake up call for him

Accept that this is considered a hairstyle (and that taking pictures of that back of your own head is really, really hard)

Understand that taking a "shot" doesn't have the same meaning it once did

Come to terms with that fact that you'd rather spend money on races than pedicures because the polish just rubs off any way. He won't even hide your flip flops when things start getting really "rough"

Learn to be okay with the fact that you are certifiably obsessed with your cats. (Okay so that's more a me thing then a running thing but its special all the same)

For everything you do, this one is for you.

Wait, I feel like I am ripping off a commercial or something...


Oh screw it...thanks times a million and yeah, I love you lots and lots and all that stuff.

Isn't love grande??

So tell me, what does your partner or family put up with because they love you?



  1. You are not the only one obsessed with cats! My BF puts up with so much too but it is a give give relationship when he gets up at ungodly hours to hunt in the fall and winter! Though the biggest thing is that my mom actually found me at every mile this past week when I did a 14miler. It was so hot and I was doing a path that has had crime problems. Yes I am 28 but that didn't stop her from making sure I got through the run. Then treated me to breakfast and a trip to Kohls!

  2. Haha. I'm glad I'm dating a runner. I don't have these problems in our relationship. We fight over gatorade flavors and running shoe brands.

  3. Oh so true!!! Every long run weekend my poor, poor hubby gets woken up too! =) But hey, he says it's worth it because I have a cute butt. ;)

  4. Haha this is SO true. Love it! Here here to all runner boyfriends, fiances & hubbies -- ya'll are the best!

  5. Very true! But he loves my legs in high heels and a short skirt! :) And I am more sane after I run! Win, win for both :)

  6. This is really cute. Also really cute, your strawberry tattoo on your foot!

  7. LOVE this! I'm single, but I'll know it's Mr. Right when he accepts all of the above (including the cat thing). :)

  8. He accepts all of those things - but mainly because we do them together - 530am workouts, long runs on Sunday - push ups and 2 min planks. It's fun bonding like that together! xoxo from Trinidad

  9. What a great post. Ah, love. It's grand :)
    My husband puts up with the fact that I'm a planner, while he is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy. We make a pretty good team that way, actually.
    Adorable photo of you and your cat!

  10. sam....love love love this!
    my bf thinks the same way. and workd such as fartlek, tempo, hill repeats, Gu are now part of his vocalulary as much as mine! lol

    great post!

  11. the above comment was from Aneta from runningbucket

  12. Runners' toes look like that at all times even when we get pedicures on a weekly basis. I feel lucky to just keep my toenails, forget about keeping them looking good. I'm surprised that my hubby doesn't scream in fright when I wear flipflops.

  13. This was such a cute post!! I have to agree with all of the things you said! :)