Marathon Training Week 4: Fun on Vacation

Can you believe it is July already? The summer has really been kicked into full gear with an awesome long weekend (whether you celebrate the 1st or the 4th) warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and the wrap up of a much needed and thoroughly enjoyed vacation at the cottage.

Here's how the week went:

Monday: Rest/Recovery from the Relay

Tuesday: Ran 5km, Rode (bicycle) 24km

Wednesday: Ran 2km, Rode 15km, Ran 5km

Thursday: Hiked (40min) Strength training (20 min)

Friday: Ran 8km

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Heat Induced Rest Day

Distance Ran: 20km

Here's what I learned:

Your perspective on running and fitness can shift in an instant and what used to seem daunting can suddenly seem completely manageable. I am so grateful for that shift since the relay because every run since has felt that much easier (at least mentally)

Changing locations and taking time to relax will definitely help put your fitness goals into perspective and rejuvenate you as you strive to meet them

Running without an iPod really isn't that bad at all. I used to believe it would be the end of the world (or at least my run) if I somehow lost my music source and then, out of nowhere, purposelessly left it behind on a few of my most recent runs. I find I think a little more clearly without it so from now on, when I am in need of a good stress reliever, that gadget stays at home.

It is possible to eat well on vacation. Sure I had ice cream and candy but I also made sure I saw leafy greens  and fruit every single day. Its all about balance as they say.

Sometimes it will be too hot to run. When Cynthia tweets you during her own weekly long run to advise you to stay at home it's definitely one of those times. Cynthia never says don't run so when she does it must be brutal out there!

Missing a scheduled long run during marathon training isn't great and you probably won't feel good about it. But hell, sometimes these things happen and in the grand scheme of things your health and safety are more important and there is lots of training left to go. Lesson learned: Get up earlier. Other lesson learned: Don't take life so seriously, none of us get out alive anyway!

Being physically active and trying new things (like a brick workout) is a huge perk of vacation. I had lots of time to run, bike, hike and not feel constrained by a clock or a schedule. Very cool and I can't wait until August to do it again!

On the flip time you have got to make time to just relax on vacation. Laying around is great for the mind, body and soul.

Getting back to regularly schedule programming can be tough. Thank goodness I have a bootcamp class to get me on track tonight. But more about that later...

To those celebrating, happy 4th of July!

Enjoy your Monday (holiday or not) everyone!

So tell me, how do you plan to spend your summer vacation this year?


  1. So glad you are feeling rejuvinated!!!
    Since we try to leave the country in the spring and fall we usually take a week in the summer to stay close to home - this summer we will be using the week to move into our new home! Only 18 days left, not that i'm counting :o)
    Good luck at bootcamp class!

  2. Kudos for working out AND staying healthy during your vacation. That's something I definitely could work on.

    My summer vacation will be spent in my home state, meeting with wedding planners, florists, and musicians. Not that I'm complaining - since it also means seeing my family! Oh and there's the little thing called honeymoon :)

  3. Great job getting so many workouts in during your vacation!!

    Isn't it funny how much your perspective on "difficult" can change? I use to dread 10 mile runs and this week I caught myself saying I was running "just 10 miles." Who am I?

    We don't really have a summer vacation - but we are going up to Boston in 3 weeks. I can't wait!