So That's Why They Call it a Brick Workout

This morning I woke up with a difficult combination of sheer determination but very little actual get-up-and-go motivation. The sky was grey and the air cold for a summer's day and I felt like curling up in front of the television and calling it a day.

That was until I remembered that I had blogged a little something about a brick workout not even 12 hours earlier. Oops! I guess when you put it out there you'd better be prepared to follow through. Now how's that for accountability?

So off I went. And when in doubt tell yourself that you "really, really want to work out today!!!". Sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it, as they say.

The first leg of the workout was a 2km run. My legs felt a little heavy from my workouts yesterday and with it being my first EVER brick workout I thought I should take it easy and let my body set the pace.

Next up was a 10km bike ride. I've got to say there is nothing more refreshing then the cool breeze on the bike after a run. I was instantly cooled down and feeling much more alert. Suddenly before I knew it my 10km ride turned into 15km and I was feeling pretty good!

The last leg was a 5km run. For this one I grabbed a Hammer gel, a bottle of water and my iPod and off I went. Within a few steps it hit me:

Ah ha! So that's why they call it a brick workout!!

My legs were so unbelievably heavy and I was shuffling along so much that I almost expected that I would look down and see a 8min/km pace (and a cement block tied around my ankle). Luckily I was still managing my marathon pace and although I felt fatigued from the waist down I was able to keep my spirits up and push through it.

I took a few minute long breaks to stop by the beach and check out the conditions. It was windy today and there were a lot of waves which got me thinking that I was grateful I wasn't attempting an open water swim as a part of this combo.

Getting back felt absolutely great. I was exhausted but so pumped that I had just pushed my way through something that was completely out of my element. So I did what I always do after a tough workout: My "I'm a rockstar dance". And when that was over I got back to reality and the business of refueling and relaxing.

And by relaxing I mean a 3 hour nap.

Hey, I totally kicked butt today. I earned all 180 minutes of that. Okay, well I earned 167 of them at least. The other 13 were on account of luxurious laziness that can only come from vacation.

Life is good!

So tell me, whats the toughest workout that you ever pushed yourself through?


  1. Great brick workout!! Are you going to do a duathlon with me now!?!? I think my hardest workout was a duathlon! It was such an amazing experience at the same time :)

  2. Good for you for sticking with it... wow, that's so impressive that you did that tho!

  3. The toughest workout for me, came the very first time I worked out with my trainer in Victoria. Honestly, I felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Plus my lungs hurt and I couldn't breathe.


  4. Great job!! Sounds like an awesome workout :)

  5. great workout!
    i remember training for my duathlon adn I would do lots of brick workouts and they were alwasy painful!

    Happy long weekend!


  6. I feel like I fake it until I make it more often than not- haha :)

    Good for you!

  7. Way to get up and go. I'm impressed. I had a horrible run today, but I was still happy I did it. When my alarm went off, I totally wasn't feelin' it!

  8. You're an animal! That is such a tough workout! Way to go!!I did my workout today and barely made it. You're quite the motivation!

  9. My toughest workout so far was the 16 mile run I did on Saturday! It was my longest run so far, and it kicked my butt for the rest of the day!