Marathon Training Week One: Eat Right, Drink Right

Here we are after a busy week, that among other things, included training for my marathon. It's funny how life gets super busy all at once huh? C'est la vie!

A breakdown of the week:

Monday: Taught Tabata (50min)
Tuesday: Recovery Run 5k
Wednesday: Spinning (30min) Strength (15min)
Thursday: Unplanned Rest Day
Friday: Taught Cycle Pump (50min)
Saturday: Long Run 14k
Sunday: Rest

Distance Ran: 19k

Here's what I learned:

Eating nutrient dense meals get you the most bang for your buck and are essential for training (and overall health and wellness). This salad includes mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, cucumber, grilled chicken breast, whole wheat pasta and goat cheese.

Unlike loading up on nutritious food, over doing it by guzzling too much water when running is bad. No one wants to actually hear sloshing from their stomach when they run, trust me.

Keeping track of training is a great motivational tool. Thank you Runners World for my free training log!

Learning to run at (or below) "race pace" can be really tough at first. First it means finding race pace (6:30-6:45 per kilometre) then holding back when you want to run faster.

Trusting your Garmin to reflect said race when running between office towers isn't always the greatest idea. I saw it jump from 7:00/km to 3:45/km in a few steps (and believe me that I do not run at 3:45/km...ever!)

Cross training is essential and a lot of fun and should be a part of your training plan to stave off injury and boredom (I prefer spinning and strength training and aim for 2x per week)

You can never really start practicing your race day photo face too soon. Get ready for that close up baby!

Thoughts after week one:

 So far, so good. Training in the summer is going to be challenging but in a good way. I am looking forward to the progress I make in the coming weeks and really pushing my own limits a little.

So tell me, whats one thing that you learned this week? What's in your dream salad? 



  1. Adorable photo! I wish I looked that good when I run...I usually look close to death :)

    This week I learned that strength training is the bomb! I always feel so much better after it.

  2. I'm running my first marathon in October and started training this week too! I'm still trying to figure out what foods work best for training so seeing what you're eating to fuel up is definitely helpful!
    I learned that I am much more likely to stick to a training plan when it's written down, rather than online.

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to read about your progress.

  4. Oh my yum! That salad, or pasta dish, or whatever you want to label it looks like heaven!!! I want some- now. And it's only 8:30am :)
    Keep up the good work, girl!

  5. I LOVE that salad! Looks incredible!!

  6. Awesome first week! You are doing all the right things so keep at 'er!
    Dream salad: greens, chickpeas, feta or goat cheese, tomatoes, croutons and white balsamic vinegar.

  7. Cute blog header! I love.

    One thing I learned this week is donuts are an excellent Sunday morning breakfast choice.

    In my dream salad is spring greens, roasted chicken, grape tomatos, cornbread croutons and lots of goat cheese. YERMs.

  8. That salad looks fabulous. And, you look great in your pose picture!

    Dream salad - pickled beets, greens, roasted chicken, goat cheese, red peppers, grape tomatoes, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and topped with cottage cheese as the dressing.

  9. Adorable pic of you, and that salad looks amazing! Your pen looks nice, is it weird that I noticed that?

  10. I just started training for my first marathon this week, lots to learn! Which one are you running?

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