Book Review: Run

Last weekend I admitted to the ever-growing stack of books that are taking up space on my bookshelf. Its actually quite remarkable how many unread books take up residence there. The main reason? I keep coming across other exciting books that I have to read, like right freakin' now.

One of those books was Run by Dean Karnazes. When Cynthia loaned it to me my first instinct was to decline because I already had a slew of books to get through, but I couldn't resist. Far be it for me to turn down a running book. And a Dean running book no less.

The story is broken into 26.2 smaller stories (funny how that just worked out right?) about Dean's running adventures through city streets, deserts and seemingly everywhere in between. If you don't already know, Dean is renowned in the running community for extreme endurance events like ultramarathons, 200 mile relays (he ran it alone!) and 50 marathons in 50 days. To the running world he's a rockstar. To the rest of the world he's just plain crazy.

My take on the book? Interesting. To some extent I could find inspiration in his sheer passion for the sport and determination to meet every challenge put in front of him. In fact, I would even say there is a lot to be learned from man who will run through the pain of 200 miles. It sort of puts my own 10 miles of discomfort into perspective.

That being said, Dean is devoted to the sport in a way that I will never be. I just don't love it enough. And you know what, that's perfectly okay by me. While I admire him and his blisters (his many, many blisters) I don't aspire to be like him...at least not in a physical sense.

Do I want the motivation, determination and gusto? Abso-freakin'-lutely! Will I get it by running for two days in the desert by myself. Ummm...no. Instead I will seek the same thing in my day-to-day passions that include, but are not limited to running (not to say that Dean only has one. He is fiercely family oriented and I respect that even more then the running accomplishments). I love many things and running happens to be on the list. Some days its higher up there then others but the point it to apply this drive to all facets of life, every single day.

So for that I thank Dean for sharing his stories because they prove that living this way is possible even up against the toughest odds.

Now I'm off to do some more reading before bed.

Yes that is the latest issue of Runner's World. I've got a problem and I admit it...

So tell me, have you read any good books lately?



  1. Thanks for the review on that book, after finishing Born to Run I think that books by ultramarathoners are just not for me!

  2. I'll have to check that book out. I'm like you....my bedside table can not hold any more unread books....and I've got the new Runners World sitting on my coffee table unopened!

  3. This book doesnt sound too appealing to me but I love reading! Some recent reads: Lone Survivor (AWESOME)and I'm currently lreading a book called The Devil in the White City (REALLY good!)

  4. I'm currently reading Intuitive Eating, which is helping me think about my compulsive eating past :-/ Also reading Infinite Jest, which is absolutely enormous, but great as well

  5. Sounds good! I would love to join the virtual running group!

  6. Thanks for this post! It seems there are so many marathoners out there now, and it makes my mini runs seem so trivial. However, I need to be okay with that. Some days I am, and some days I'm not. Nevertheless, it's something to work on. :) By the way, I'm working on The Pillars of the Earth right now. I'm liking but not loving it.