Summer Running Part One: Getting Acclimated

ac.cli.mate: verb - Become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions source

When it comes to summer running I could probably just say "get used to" but acclimate just sounds better right? Anyway, either way that you slice it I need to get my mind, body and possibly soul accustomed to the fact that running for the next few months (and subsequently the majority of my marathon training) is going to mean hot temperatures, humidity and sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.

Good thing I happen to like a good dose of well earned perspiation. Humidity on the other hand is not so welcomed.

Here are a few things I have learned thus far (its not even summer yet and already I'm sharing tips...look at me go!)

1. Run with friends..especially friends wearing jeans. Just looking at them will make you feel much more ventilated by comparison (she was actually on her way home and ran into us..she's not that crazy)

2.Find shade, take breaks, keep cool. So simple you might even forget. Don't.

3. Run slower if you need to. Pushing yourself for speed might land you a speedy ride alright..straight to the hospital. Not fun so just don't, ok?

4. Carry water or find water sources and drink often. You are sweating buckets and you need to rehydrate.

5. Use water to keep your body temperature down if need be. A splash of refreshing cool water goes a long way on a hot, sunny day.

6. Don't jump in public water fountains. People (aka the police) tend to get all cranky about that sort of thing. You might want to, but you have got to resist that urge.

7. Embrace the flushed look. Red is the new tan right?

8. Run with friends and have fun. Just because its torture hot and sticky doesn't mean you shouldn't have some fun!

And yes, wearing matching running outfits is a summer must. But you didn't need me to tell you that!

So tell me, what are your "beat the heat" tips for working out in the summer months?


  1. My #1 tip - get up EARLY! It's so much cooler in the mornings. The humidity might but high, but the temps are definitely lower.

    I love that color pink :)

  2. Love the outfits! I also agree with early running, and find as much shade as possible :)

  3. ha ha ha it looks like we planned it :) Love the pics :)

  4. Great post...DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN! :)
    I really try to force myself to go out early if it will be that humid...and by early I mean the sun isn't up yet....

  5. 1) Run EARLY (it may still be hot, but you can avoid the sun beating down on you)
    2) Water, water, water (like you said, dumping water on your head helps too)
    3) Don't eat too much before your run -- go very light. Your body will be using your blood to keep your skin cool, and won't be available to digest food. Trust me on this one -- learned that one the HARD way.

  6. Running early or in the evening is definitely better then a mid-day workout. Water is huge, like you said. I'd encourage hydration the night before and that morning, so you go into the run as hydrated as possible. And i have a really hard time running if i haven't had any protein for the day...

    Great tips:)

  7. I run in the evening, when the sun has started to go down.. then I don't feel like the sun is beating me up.

  8. My number one tip for summer running: run on the treadmill.

    Hydrate well through out the day. Run as early or as late as possible. The humidity is 112% here even at 6am, so running early doesn't help me out. I'm not an early morning runner so unless it's in the 60's w/ 0% humidity i'm not getting up early to run. I try to run as late as possible 730-8pm is the best time..

  9. I would love to try and get acclimated to the Texas heat by walking/jogging outdoors but it is just unbearable and I can't bring myself to do it.
    Perhaps I should try an early early Saturday wog.

  10. Buy that cute top! But seriously, my running wardrobe sucks. Where is that top from? I have one running shirt (moisture-wicking), but I need to buy some more. Thank you!! :)

  11. I am still trying to figure out how to survive running in this heat! It has been 100 degrees in TX all week! I am hoping to go for a long run tomorrow and will bring water for sure!