Sweat It Out

Sometimes life gets all muddled up (is muddled a word or am I making it up because I am in fact "muddled" in the head?...lets go with it being a word, okay?) and you don't feel like yourself. You feel unmotivated, antsy, unsure and overwhelmed. It definitely sucks when it happens but when it does you have a choice: Sink or swim.

Or in this case spin.

Oh yeah, I take spinning that seriously. It was go time!

There is nothing like a good sweat-fest to work through some problems. You can just leave them all on the bike (or when running, on the road) and for the 40+ minutes that you are there is just the physical.

And slowly but surely you start to feel a little better.

You start to realize your problem(s) aren't insurmountable but instead that you are one tough chick and you can get through anything life throws your way.

And sure, those problems might not go away in that time but they aren't going to stick around for ever either. You are going to be a-ok no matter what and that alone is something to smile about

I love what exercise does for my body but even more then that, I love what it does for my mind. I am stronger, mind, body and soul with every drop of sweat (and believe me, there are a LOT of them!)

So when the going gets tough, the tough get spinning.

Now what was I saying about muddled again.....?

Speaking of sweat (because who doesn't want to talk about that?) you should submit your sweaty pic to Cynthia to be featured on her blog. Let's all share in the "afterglow"! Click here for more info---> Cynthia's Adventures

So tell me, whats your favorite way to work up a sweat? (and lets try to keep that PG13 here people!)


  1. Love that last pic, you look adorable. Even after a workout!

    I think that's great, I wish I had that same results. Mostly I just feel tired when I run. And I totally want to try spinning... it looks scary tho.

  2. Spinning is pretty epic but running or zumba are both great! Mostly because I can get a quick and intense workout - great for those frustrated "I need a release" moments!

  3. Running flat out on the beach. Perfect release ;-)

  4. good job sweating it up!

    sam, you are one tough chick!

    and yes, i will say muddled is a word hahha

  5. Haha YES muddled is a word! It's what you do to mint and other herbs before making cocktails (although on second thought, I'm not sure how right it is that I've got cocktails on the brain at 8:30am). Anyways, about sweat - running or spin is definitely my favourite way to sweat! The feeling I get after finishing a balls-to-the-wall run, or teaching a spin class feels awesome!

  6. I ♥ how I feel after a good workout. As long as it's intense and makes me sweat, I don't care what it is....

  7. I SO totally agree - working out is the best way to relieve stress and work through things I'm worried about! I prefer running - but any sort of physical activity will do!

  8. I love to spin! Some days I feel so unmotivated but force myself to go... getting the sweat on makes me feel so much better!