Run Around With Me

The first (and only) thing I wanted to do when I got home from work tonight was to plop my butt on the couch and just do nothing. Nothing to the extent of refusing to waste energy to change the channel when some "Police Women of...." show came on. Nothing to the extent that I contemplated skipping dinner.


I know. How crazy is that? I mean I'm tired not dead. There's no way I'm missing out on dinner. Instead I decided a light meal was in order. The only condition: salsa. Salsa was a MUST!

Dinner in this house means vegetables. He can pout all he wants but The Boyfriend knows even Taco Night means spinach. He's so hard done by huh?

I threw my ground chicken and veggies onto some iceberg lettuce (I was much too sleepy for carbs) and loaded up on the fresh salsa. It was the salsa that made the meal but I knew that going in. Unfortunately while full and satisfied I am also still really tired. I guess the only option is a good nights sleep at this point.

Speaking of which, have you ever sacrificed a good night's sleep to run around in circles in a park all night? No?? Is this not normal human behavior? Damnit!

Well normal or not I will be doing that very thing this weekend when I participate in the Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay. I am really excited for the event because not only is it running for a good cause but its a really fun day spent with friend and colleagues.


My goal for the weekend is to raise awareness for an important cause, successfully captain the team of runners and complete between 15-20 miles. You can follow along as Cynthia and I live-Tweet from the event, starting June 25th at 9am.

I am still collecting pledges so if you'd like to make a donation please click here for more information.

Check back next Monday for a full relay report!

Now, seeing as I am already exhausted and I have an all-nighter in my very near future, its time for me to get to bed. I'm aware that the sun is still up but there is no shame in having a 6 year old's bedtime.

So tell me, whats your favorite light summer meal? Have you ever done a relay event?


  1. I love making lettuce tacos! mmm mmm good!

  2. These looks delicious!!! Can't wait to do the relay with you :)

  3. Ohh yummy!! I am HUGE fan of lettuce wraps too! So refreshing. Have fun at your relay this weekend. :)

  4. where is the 24 hour relay? i might stop by and cheer you guys on!

    good luck! i think this is totally awesome.

    and yuuuummmy tacos!


  5. Yum! That looks great.
    Have a great relay weekend~

  6. You threw together a great looking meal. I love the idea. Veggies and all, your BF is luuuuuucky!