Post Relay Recovery

You know that term "slept like a rock"? I pretty sure that they coined it after me. Last night, despite every effort to get through a movie, I ended up crashing hard on the couch around 9pm. The only time I woke up was to move to the bedroom where I tried to convince the Boyfriend to tell me the ending of the movie but failed to stay up long enough to listen to his explanation. I was Exhausted, capital "E"!!

Today, after 9+ hours of sleep I woke up feeling a little achy all over and a lot achy and sore in my hamstrings. As a heel striker any considerable distance does a number on that muscle more than any other. My foam roller and I have deepened the level of our love/hate relationship as a result of that relay.

I kicked the day off with a dose of healthy in the form of honey flavored Greek yogurt, blueberries, fibre cereal and chia seeds. After snacking here and there during the weekend I needed the boost in a big, bad way!!

After breakfast and catching up on some blogs I started to pack for my much anticipated trip to the cottage. After a few stressful weeks and restarting my training I could feel the need for a getaway creeping up on me. Luckily the Boyfriend's parents were nice enough to lend me their cottage for the week, which provided the perfect destination for relaxation.

The trip up was scenic and I enjoyed a quick snack on the road to hold me over. I don't do it often enough but I would much prefer to pack a healthy meal for road trips then try to find something wholesome on the side of the highway.

A wrap filled with black beans, spinach and goat cheese definitely hit the spot!

A couple hours later and we'd arrived. My legs were starting to really stiffen up so I was definitely grateful to be able to hop out and walk around. Long car rides and sore legs aren't exactly the best match but the pain was well worth it once I got here and instantly felt myself relax.

Its such a cute and quaint place isn't it? I am especially looking forward to running near the water (once my legs feel better) and sitting out on the deck and reading. I borrowed Water for Elephants and I'm so excited to get started.

I also found some of these laying around which should also keep me entertained 

I can't help but love some "fluff" reading when I am on vacation!

The plan for the week is this: Lots of sleep, sunbathing, running, biking, hiking, barbecuing and a few trips to the beach. Sounds pretty perfect don't ya think?

I'm off for a late dinner and a movie which I will hopefully stay up for this time. If not, there is always tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after to get caught up.

Ahh...the good life!

So tell me, what is your favorite way to spend a vacation? What's on your summer reading list?



  1. Just read your relay recap - congratulations!! Sounds like a crazy, but awesome run, and I think the fact that you did it for charity is really great. I'm glad you have a nice quite place to recover this week. It's such a cute place! Have a wonderful time relaxing and reading trashy magazines :)

  2. Have a wonderful vacation! Just spending time relaxing and reading is good enough for me on vacation. Oh and having someone else make my bed :)

  3. It sounds like you have a fantastic vacation plan! I love all types of vacations- I'm looking forward to a complete lounging/relaxation trip in a few weeks. I love the traveling vacations where you try to cram as much sight-seeing and experiences in as well. Fun magazines and books are always a must though:)

  4. I still don't understand the benefits of chai seeds, i bought them but what is the deal?

  5. @ Stephanie

    My understanding is that chia seeds are loaded with fibre, iron, protein, calcium and antioxidants. I also like that they add a little extra crunch to my yogurt mix :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome vacation. I'm going home to az this week so i plan on laying out by the pool, workin out, shopping, and seeing family and friends. im reading something borrowed right now for a fun summer read. i really want to read under the banner of heaven too!

  7. I'm about to read US Weekly and I'm not on vacation, hehe.

  8. love love love the layout. super cute!