National Running Day

In honor of National Running Day (which I hope is actually International Running Day because I am from Canada eh?!) I thought I would share this with you:

Running Lessons We Can Learn from Dogs

  • Care-free running is what its all about. Run straight, turn left, stop to smell some flowers. The point is to run because you can. Stop worrying about it so much!

  • Plaster on a smile while you run; just the sheer fact that you are acting happy will make you feel happy

  • Find a running group. The time flys by when you run with others and hey, maybe you'll make some really great friends out of the deal.

  • If you do have some running buddies remember to motivate them whenever they need it. One day you might want to take a mid-run nap and their words of encouragement will come in handy

  • Don't be afraid to breathe loud, sweat or grunt if you need to. You're working hard and people respect that!

  • Always remember to rest with the same deterimination that you run with. Its perfectly okay to take a day (or three) off if you need it. You earned the down time.

  • And most of all, don't forget to share all the happy endorphins with all your friends and loved ones. I bet they'll reciprocate

Happy running everyone!

So tell me, did you go for a run today? What's the biggest lesson you've learned from a furry friend?


  1. Is that Barkley!? He looks so happy :)

  2. Aw great lessons... and cute dog! I did go for a run today...new toys called for it! And my cat taught me to sleep more?

  3. Happy Running Day! I went for a 4 miler :)

  4. Awwwww this is such a great post!!!
    My dog is my most favourite running partner
    I'm still dealing with a shin issue so i went for a 1.5 hour hike yesterday instead of a run
    My fur baby has taught me unconditional love and that nothing beats playing hide and seek in bed with my BF and her on lazy sunday mornings :o)

  5. Great post. I think we should all take a "mid-run nap" (haha), and then get up and run, run, run some more.

  6. Gahhh such cute puppies! I was never a dog person until I lived with one. I never understood how people could say they are like people but THEY ARE!

  7. Your dog is SO adorable! I did go for a run today (not yesterday though, whoops). I did a nice & easy 3 miles :)