Run, Bike, Eat

Okay, so not to rub it in or anything, but I freakin' love being on vacation! And while I do enjoy getting away to foreign destinations I have got to admit that cottage life is truly the life for me!

Today I woke up and immediately parked myself on the porch to enjoy the sights and sounds of non-city life. Living in an apartment has really embedded in me a certain appreciation for the ability to relax outdoors and look at anything other then traffic.

Once I'd had a chance to read a few blogs and fully wake up I decided that a recovery run was in order. Because my hamstrings were still very tight after the relay this weekend I planned to take it easy with distance and pace. Around the cottage is a series of streets that, when ran in a loop, equal 1.25km. This was perfect as it gave me a chance to pass the cottage several times and grab water and take a little breather.

Four laps later (all ran without my iPod I might add) later and I was done what seemed like a surprisingly manageable 5km. I guess there is something to be said for changing it up a little huh?

Next up was more blog reading and a late breakfast enjoyed out on the porch. I really plan to take advantage of every single second that I can out there!

After breakfast the Boyfriend and I moved to the backyard to soak up some sun. Its a hard life but someone has gotta live it. I am glad to be that someone this week.

A little while later (there is no actual "time" on vacation is there?) we agreed to go on a bike ride to enjoy more of the amazing weather.

Now, I should remind you that while the Boyfriend is a huge supporter of my physically active lifestyle, this is usually because he gets to admire it as an observer. I am not sure that he expresses the same sentiment when he's dragged brought along for a 24km bike ride. I know his butt was probably not my biggest fan by the time we got back. I'm just grateful that he's such a good sport.

Besides, bike riding is super fun right?!?

Of course it is! (Note to self: Buy him padded bike shorts for his birthday)

Getting back to the cottage meant more time relaxing and reading out on the porch until I couldn't satisfy the growling of my stomach with trail mix anymore. It was most definitely time to make dinner.

And oh what a dinner we made. Have I ever mentioned how much I love barbecuing? Its another one of those things I miss due to apartment living so I take every opportunity that I can when I am up here. On the menu tonight was marinated chicken breasts (so delicious) baked potatoes and spinach salad with tomato and goat cheese. Yum!

And because its summer vacation I couldn't resist a tasty ice cream cone. By the way, if you haven't tried almond bark ice cream you truly are missing out!

Tonight will probably be an early night for me (again) because I have another active day planned tomorrow. The Boyfriend is heading into the city for work so I am going to spend part of the day attempting my very first brick workout . I think I will most likely try a 2km run, a 10km bike ride and a 5km run. Wait, who the heck am I all of a sudden!?

I'm "Take Advantage of the Time You Have on Vacation to Try New Things" Girl, that's who!

I can't say it enough...life is good!

So tell me, what's the furthest distance that you've ever rode your bike? Have you ever tried a brick workout? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?


  1. I'm super jealous of your vacation! The longest distance I've ever ridden on a bike was 16 miles, and it was during a duathlon. My legs were not happy.

  2. I was talking with someone today that is training for a bike ride across Iowa, 500 miles!! I could not imagine that...I can't think of the longest distance I have rode my bike, probably only like 15. I love cookie dough ice cream!!

  3. I am so jealous you are at a cottage relaxing or really having no schedule!! I think you will be doing duathlons with me soon :) Have fun with the brick workout :) Oh and my fav ice cream is Vanilla Bean!!

  4. Love vacation time, the cottage sounds awesome! I've never biked a lot outside (but I'm a huge spinning fan), but hubby and I used to bike around Washington, DC sometimes while we were still dating and living up there. Love me some mint chocolate chip ice cream, that's always my go-to flavor :) Have a great workout today!!

  5. I can't read about vacations without getting crazy jealous... it's been too long! Glad you're enjoying your's though! :)

  6. I love going to the cottage, its just sooo relaxing! We were at long point last year and i had the best run along the water :o)
    Enjoy your time there and the icecream, its a summer vacation necessity!

  7. I would eat outside 100% of the time if I could - I love it, especially on a deck at the beach! Enjoy your vacay!

  8. Your vacation looks like the best vacation ever! It's my kinda vacay. Once my hubby and I rode about 35 (somewhat hilly) miles along the So. Cal. coast. Sore butt? Ummm ya! But we stopped for a lovely lunch at the end and it was all worth it.

  9. I just came across your blog and I love it! Your food pictures make me so hungry, and your workout pictures motivate me! It's a win, win!

  10. I remember my first brick workout! It felt very strange - and you figure out pretty fast why they call it a "brick" workout. So much fun though - i found that i could bike / run for longer, because there was a mental break between the sports! Keep it up! (And soo jealous you are on vaca - your breakfast and dinner looked AWESOME! and the ice cream cone.) :)