A Lil' Blog Makeover

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have wanted a blog makeover for a while. While I am still contemplating some major changes and researching a few of my options I thought I would introduce a new look for Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans.

What else can you expect in the near future?

  • Lots and lots of marathon training talk (check out my virtual team while you are at it...these gals kick ass!)
  • More kitchen adventures
  • Further discussions on self-esteem and positive body image
  • A deeper look at my battle with disordered eating
  • Pet photos, summer fun and so much more....

And because it's been a while and this lil' dude is starting to feel neglected, here's a gratuitous cat photo for your viewing pleasure!!

So tell me, do you like when blogs change their look every so often? Are you a cat person or a dog person?


  1. Dogs for sure but I do love your kitty!

  2. yippeee for marathon training talk!

  3. I love your new look and really looking forward to your future posts.

    How do I say this...I'm a KITTEN person, but not a cat person (beautiful pic though of your cat). Can't they all stay tiny? I'm much more a dog person, but I can't foresee myself owning an animal anytime soon.

  4. Like the new look! I am planning a little makeover of my own :) I think it is good to change your look and find your groove as long as it is not too often.

  5. I do like blog makeovers - I hope that someday yours decides to make its way over to wordpress! It's not that I hate Blogger -- I just hate the commenting system.

    I am neither a cat or a dog person - but I like babies! Hee.

  6. I'm a cat person AND a dog person. Your kitty is too cute. Mine ALWAYS shuts her eyes right as I snap a photo. I think she's being secretive and doesn't want her eyes to be identifiable. Cats are like that. :)

  7. I love the new layout! I can't wait to see the posts that are coming. I am most definitely a dog person. I like to pet cats, but I don't think I could own one.

  8. looks great!


  9. Good for you! I hope to change my look soon, but I can't promise any better content!

    I'm def a cat person. I really like dogs, but I love kitties.

  10. Hey Sam, I adore the new look of your blog. I too have been contemplating a change. Don't you just love that the change of season leads to a change of mindset? Thank you for the continued inspiration.

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