Marathon Training Week Two: Timing is Everything

Another week has flown by (can you believe we are nearing the end of June already?) and its time for another training recap.

Here's a break down of how the week went:

Monday: 6k run
Tuesday: 4.5k hill training (3x600m + warmup and cool down)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: 6k run
Sunday: 15k

Distance ran: 31.5k

Here's what I learned:

Sometimes you are not in the mood to workout. If you are normally quite active just go with it. Your body or your mind is trying to tell you they need a break. Let it happen. You'll be back on track in no time.

Attempting a long run after 10am in the morning in June is bad idea. I made it 6km and called it a day. Listening to my body say "its too hot" was the best thing I did for myself that day

Learning that the 10/1 training method (run for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute) may be the most beneficial to get you through the 26.2 miles you have coming up in October

Running hills might be the worst thing that has ever happened to your lungs/legs/life but that probably means that they are really good for you (Whatever doesn't kill you right??)

Running for incentive makes running more tolerable. Enter the bait...

Staying hydrated throughout the week really makes a difference in how much water you feel the need to consume on your run. It was hotter this week and I actually drank less because I wasn't parched.

After running a long run, playing with the little members of your family and eating copious amounts of delicious foods you might want to fall flat on your face and take a nap. I feel your pain lil' man..

Thoughts after week two:

Looking good. Training to 10/1 seems like it will make the daunting distance of the marathon a lot more manageable because its broken up into intervals. I am not looking at over all time or kilometres but just getting through to the next walk break.

So tell me, how was your weekend? Do anything fun for Father's Day?


  1. I had no idea that the Garmin can do that! I've been running one song and walking the next, which I could easily program into my Garmin (run 5 minutes, walk 4 minutes for instance).

    Nice job on your run!

  2. I really admire runners. I just started running (my husband is training me) and I can't stand it. I'm sure I'll grow into it but for now I hate it. lol Good luck with your marathon training!

  3. Hills are the worst. EVER. But it feels so good to say that I did a hill workout!

  4. Good job this week :) My Father's Day was spent talking to my dad on the phone, running and going around the city for errands. Nothing too exciting :)

  5. Nice job! That pics kills me!

  6. Great job with the training. I was feeling pretty pooped after my hilly run Saturday. Those things really take it out of me!

  7. Whoa how did you get your garmin to do that? I want to know! That's awesome!

  8. After getting hurt last year, I ALWAYS listen to my body now! If I feel pain, don't feel like working out bc I've had an intense week of work outs, OR if my body is just tired...I LISTEN! Glad you do too! Usually after I take those breaks I come back stronger in my next work out!

    Weekend was great!

  9. love the running for incentive!

  10. Well said! I am with you on it all, especially the parts about running hills (ugh!), needing a little incentive, and naps. Looks like you had a great week. Btw, the first time I did an organized run (a long one) I had not prepared enough for it, so I ran it in 3:1 intervals and it worked GREAT. Mine wasn't a marathon so I think the 3:1 minute ratio was good for me. 10:1 intervals is probably better for a marathon distance.

  11. Hey Sam, when I did my marathon last October I used a 6 and 1 interval. I will just say this, that it TOTALLY made it mentally doable. You just had to push yourself until your one minute rest. I am not trying my second marathon with less breaks, but what I learned from the interval method is that it is OK to take walk breaks. And it is MUCH needed once you get into the really long distances. You are doing great and I am so excited for your marathon journey!! :)

  12. Good lessons learned! I'm going to keep that water thing in mind. I need to start drinking more water, more consistently!