Marathon Training Kick Off

Today I welcomed the official start of marathon training with a laid back 10.5km run through the city. Coming back from somewhat of a running hiatus I wanted to ease back onto both distance and pace. On top of getting my stride back I also recognized my need to get acclimated to warmer temperatures again and made sure I felt good, had lots of water and stayed in the shade.

In sum: a great run to start of the training!! Not my best run but definitely not my worst either. A positive head space was one focus and it really worked! Now let's just hope all the future running I will need to do is a somewhat similar experience.

To be honest, despite the happy endorphins the greatest part of my day today was everything after the run. Waking up early to get solid run in early in the morning left the rest of the day to have fun!

First The Boyfriend and I headed out to run a few errands, but not without stopping for iced coffee first. Yum!

Among other things, the errands included a trip to the Running Room outlet for new sneakers. Ideally I wanted the exact same pair I'm currently sporting so guess how stoked I was to find them, in my size and for only $40?!?

Needless to say I bought two pairs. Now that should hold me over until at least late Fall

After shopping we wanted to make the most of of the warm weather and bright sunshine so we hit up a patio for some ice cold beer and a quick lunch.

They say Canada has two seasons: Winter and Patio season. I tend to agree.

Once we finished up The Boyfriend suggested that we take a little drive to a park just outside the city. There was no way I could resist; It was just way to nice to go home!

I love spending time by the waterfront. The cool breeze off the lake feels amazing on a warm early summer day and you really can't help but feel relaxed.

What a great Sunday from top to bottom!

So tell me, what was your favorite part of the weekend?

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  1. $40? Nice! And I'm jealous of that lovely weather! Looks like it makes for a great day!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! I see your new toy is treating you well!

    I'll switch weather with you, okay? It was cold and rainy here!

  3. Awesome find with the shoes, and very smart of you to stock up:) It looks like you had a beautiful day. This entire weekend was great, but I loved sitting outside on the patio today. It was gorgeous and at least 87 degrees!

  4. Ah, sounds like a perfect day! I love drinks on a patio, and I double love $40 running shoes!

  5. You have gorgeous hair! :)

    And I love kick off to a training... I can't wait to get back to it after baby!

  6. beer at lunch is the best! especially after a great workout. Good job getting back out there.

  7. This post reminded me that I started marathon training for my first marathon exactly one year ago! Craziness.

    Excited to follow you through this journey!

    Oh, and I love that 5th pic - of you with the drink. You look great and your hair has so much volume, I'm jealous!

  8. What a great weekend! Getting new running shoes is the best...and so is a nice Blue Moon on a hot day :)

  9. I actually had a bit of a crazy weekend - Daisy was sick pretty well non-stop Friday night and Saturday. It was rough.

    So my favourite part of the weekend was when she got better! :)

  10. Where is the Running Room Outlet? I so want to go, but I have a feeling it's no where near me!