Gettin' Fresh With Myself & A Call for Virtual Training Buddies

Now that warm weather and sunshine has finally arrived in southern Ontario I feel like summer is officially here! (Yes, its not technically summer until the 21st but I say calendar shmalender) With the arrival of summer comes pretty dresses, flip flops, barbecues and the craving for fresh eats.

Admittedly I haven't been eating as wholesome of a diet as I would like lately so the push towards produce and light fare is a welcomed change.

For your viewing pleasure here are a few ways I kept it fresh today

Ahhhh...so refreshing!!

And to make all this freshness that much more fun I also accepted Diana from The Chic Life's challenge to "Veg It Up" in June. The basic premise is to eat no less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You can follow the challenge (or join in..wink, wink, nudge, nudge) using the hastag #projectvegup on Twitter all month long. I am self confessed veg-aholic so this shouldn't be a problem for me but the friendly reminder is always appreciated!

Summer is awesome already!!

Calling All Rookie Marathoners in Training!!

I've been thinking a lot about marathon training lately and I am prepared for the challenge. I know its going to be tough.I know that I am going to despise almost all the early Sunday morning running. I know there are going to be days that I want to quit running and take up lawn bowling. Its inevitable.

What I also know is that its going to be easier with support. Cynthia and I are training for the same race and we'll run a lot of our long runs together (it was this fact alone that convinced me to sign up) which is a huge relief. The Boyfriend doesn't run unless its for the ice cream truck but he'll resume his role as the best darn cheerleader around, as he always has. My non-running friends will even nod and smile and pretend like they don't pity me and my craziness.

Yet, somehow I know I need more. And that's where you guys come in.

I would like to form a team, if you will, of rookie marathoners who are all training for our first 26.2 this year. The way I see it is that we can motivate each other on our blogs, on Twitter and on Daily Mile. We can share stories an experiences from training, give each other tips and make each other laugh (someone is bound to have a funny poop related story at some point right?)

So what do you say? I know a few of you mentioned this already so let's band together and totally attack our respective marathons like a well trained army of runners who have no idea what the hell we have gotten ourselves into!

If you want to participate let me know in the comments. I will add your blog to the upcoming Marathon 2011 page and make sure I follow you on Twitter (if I don't already)

You can also follow the team on Twitter or discuss your training using the hashtag #marathondebut2011. If there is enough interest we may even hold a few chats so everyone can share their progress. More details on that to come..

Oh and you don't have to be a rookie to participate or even be running a marathon for that matter. If you are in training for a race or thinking about starting and you want some motivation and inspiration jump in at anytime!

So there it is. I hope you'll join me for what is about to be a life changing ride!!

So tell me, what's your favorite summertime food?


  1. Oooh everything DOES look refreshing! And my favorite summertime is watermelon. or popsicles.. do they count?

    I would totally be with you with the marathon training but... well, I'm still trying to figure out if I have it in me to run even a half marathon. Even a 10k at this point seems like a stretch..

  2. I am so excited for tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!

    I just finished marathon training but I can't wait to read about your (and others) training. I love reading other peoples training stories :)

  3. I'm in for the marathon training!

    My favorite summertime food blueberries. So happy they are in season again :)

  4. I'm in for marathon training! (or half marathon training - I'm registered for the Waterfront half in October). I need all of the motivation I can get.

    My favourite summer time food - it's more about summertime eating experiences for me. Drinks on a patio, barbeques, eating ice cream by the lake.

  5. Marathon training? Good for you! I'm sure you'll do great. I keep toying with the idea of 1/2 marathon training, but even that's a bit intimidating for me!

  6. Good luck with the Marathon training. I'm gonna stick with the half distances. My favorite thing about summer is summer fruit! All of it, fresh from the farmer's market. Yahoo, summer is here!

  7. I had a virtual running buddy (...for my 5k training ;)) and loved it. Wish I could volunteer myself to train with you, but I'm not that great of a runner and I'd have to wait until post baby. Good luck though!!

  8. Hello! I'm training for a half marathon this December. I don't have a "real" blog, just a silly, often-neglected tumblr, but I would love to be part of the motivation on daily mile. I added you as a friend! I've lurked and read your blog for the last few weeks and follow you on twitter, but this is my first comment. :)


  9. This is a really great idea, Sam!

    As for summer foods, I make this cold rice, cucumber and cherry tomato salad that is quickly becoming my fav go-to food for the warm months. Nom

  10. I want to be in the virtual training group! Count me in.

  11. Ooo I definitely want to be in on the group! Count me in! :)