Tone-Ups Bootcamp

About a month ago I was lucky enough to receive an invite to a free bootcamp hosted by Skechers and Cardio-to-Go here in Toronto. I am always excited to try a new class so it was icing on the cake that I would also be receiving a pair of Tone-Ups at the event.

Free fitness class and free swag?? Umm...hell yeah!!

I arrived for the class unsure of what to expect so you can imagine my delight when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Angela from Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat. Yay, a friendly face!! We chatted as we waited for the class to start and it was really great to see her again.

I forgot my DSLR at home so please excuse the poor quality. Blogger fail!

We also picked up our new shoes. Cute huh? They feel very different when you first put them on; super comfortable but "springy". I felt a bit like Tigger as I bounced walked around.

The class itself got under way and were put through a series of basic exercises that are said to be made more efficient with the Tone-Ups on because they force you to find your centre of gravity and reinforce the use of the heel. At first it was a little odd to have the sole of the shoe feel unstable but I adjusted fairly quickly and was able to get through the drill with relative ease.

I say relative because my legs are going to kill me tomorrow! In total we did over 100 lunges and squats as well as push ups and plank exercises. It didn't feel tough during the class but I already felt soreness in my quads as I climbed stairs during my commute home.

Overall I had a good time at the class and was glad to get a chance to test out a new product. Because the shoes are mine to keep (score!) I will probably use them for similar workouts (ie: Tabata) in the future.

Another possible side effect (although most likely just my bottomless pit of a stomach) was my raging appetite post-workout. I got home and quickly threw together the biggest salad I could in fear that if I didn't ingest something soon I'd start gnawing on the shoebox in my bag!!

Spinach, feta, tomatoes, red peppers, chick peas and poppy seed dressing? Totally hit the spot!

My thoughts on "toning" shoes

I believe that while there may be sound logic behind the structure of the shoe enhancing your muscle building ability during certain activities I also believe that people need to understand that there is no "get fit quick" solution out there. Whether its special shoes or pants, a fancy new gadget or an iPhone app., the bottom line is you have to do the work to see the results. The shoes aren't going to exercise, strength train and burn calories for you. If these shoes are motivation to get up and move then that is awesome! And if they increase burn by even 1%, well that's just icing on the cake (although, if we're being honest here, cake should be limited if you want to see those results in the first place)

FYI: The Tone-Ups are available in stores now and if  you want more information feel free to browse their website.

So tell me, have you ever tried "toning" shoes? What was the last thing you got for free?

Note: While I received the free sneakers for attending the class I have received no further compensation for reviewing this product. The opinions expressed in this post are my own based on my limited experience with the product.


  1. How very cool that you got to try the class and get the free swag!!!

    I usually only get free food products to review on my blog. Oh and I get invited to a whole host of gourmet events I don't get to go to because I don't live near Vancouver or Whistler.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time!! Can't wait to check out the shoes :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the design of the gym you took the class in. If my gym looked like that, then I might be able to drag myself there more often.

    I feel that same that you about the shoes. They aren't a quick fix (nothing is), but if even if they help just a small percentage, then that can't hurt.