Marathon Training Week 5: When You Can't Run

It's the end of another week and I am happy to report that I am finally starting to feel like my old self. I want to thank you again for all your support as I battled this ailment. And as much as I hate having illness get the best of me, I am very grateful that I am also able to bounce back to be a total weirdo regular ol' me in a short amount of time.

Here's what last week looked like:

Monday: Bootcamp (40min)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 2mile run, strength training (15min)
Thursday: Sick
Friday: Sick
Saturday: Sick
Sunday: Sick

Total distance ran: 3.2km

Here's what I learned:

While a class may not feel difficult while you're taking it, it can totally kick your ass! My legs and butt hurt until Friday after Monday's bootcamp.

Sickness sucks but it happens. It will derail training and you'll hate it but at the end of the day possible long term damage is not even an option for the sake of a long run. Take the advice of your doctor, boyfriend and pretty much everyone else and be lazy. Not sure how? Ask a cat..

Missing a week of running won't derail your training plans. You'll get back into it slowly and be back on track in no time!

But its okay to make yourself feel better with a splurge on an item you've been wanting for a while. Just call it a "healthy living tool" (which it is) and it's completely justified!

Take your time getting better and before you know it you'll be hammering out another 18km long run. Until then, enjoy relaxing and not having that feeling of "needing to do something" is really good for you too.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Stay tuned for more fitness-related stuff in the very near *fingers crossed* future!

So tell me, what recent splurge are you most excited about??


  1. I haven't had any recent splurges (hmmm, I might be due lol). Magic Bullet huh? Do you like it? Glad you are feeling better and on the mend. I hate being sick! Take care and have a fantastic week!

  2. Interested to hear how you like the magic bullet. I think that's the one Montel Williams pitches on TV? :) He makes it look cool!

    I have to admit my latest splurge was an iPad. It seriously took me MONTHS to decide to buy it, but glad I did! Hope you enjoy the bullet as much as my splurge :)

  3. Congrats on your bullet!! And sorry you were feeling so sick, but I'm glad you're finally on the mend! Did the bootcamp get crazy intense after I left?
    I haven't had any major splurges lately, but I'm going to be very close to a Lululemon next weekend and I'm feeling another pair of Run:Speed shorts coming into my life!

  4. Yay Magic Bullet! It's my favorite kitchen tool. Margaritas anyone?!

  5. Hmmm... recent splurge. I am anxiously awaiting splurging on a bench for my front entryway. Does that count? :)

  6. glad u r feeling better!
    this week will be 100% better. good luck and u will do fantastic.

    i also have a magic bullet and looooove it!

    happy Monday


  7. This is totally the post I needed - I haven't been able to run or train at all, and I've felt like all my fitness would be gone! I think my body is definitely loving the break though, and I can't wait to get back on track!

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