When You Just Need to Sweat...

Wow! I can't believe all the positive response I got to my post. I am so pumped that so many of you read it and actually liked it. Thanks a million for all the feedback and link love here and in Twitterland today. As always, you're the bestest! (Its a real word I swear)

Ultimately when it comes down to it the biggest thing that will impact whether I read a blog isn't how fast of a runner you are, how interesting and creative your recipes are or how many marathons you've ran. It's how good you are at keeping it real.

If I can sense a genuine awesomeness about you I will want to be friends with you. And because I can't pick up and move to every state and province (or convince you all to come to Toronto...although you should, you really should) I can be the next best thing: your blog stalker friend.

There is no perfect way to blog or template that will make you more popular. So just be you. It's the same way you made friends on the playground and it'll work on blogland too I promise!

Fitness/Health Update:

After a 5 day, doctor ordered, fitness hiatus I felt a need to get in the gym and just sweat today.

Isn't it funny how our fitness perspective can change? A few years back I was lucky to make it to the gym once every 5 days and now that same span of time off feels like eternity!!

Not wanting totally over do it I decided a slow and easy run was just what the doctor (would have) ordered (had I have consulted her first...oops!)

5.5miles in an hour. Not too shabby and I got all the sweat I was looking for and then some. Sweet!

The plan for the rest of the week is that there is no plan. I am going to take it day by day and see how my body feels. Hopefully I'll get some more sweat-sessions in but if not, that okay too.

There's always next week.

Well, that's it for me... I'm off to get ready for tonight's #Fitblog chat. Hope to see you there!

So tell me, how has your fitness perspective changed in that last year or two?


  1. Glad you are back to working out! Bet it feels great.


  2. I really need to figure out the #fitblog chat thing! Just went and read yesterdays post, good stuff!!! I always recommend putting a comment method on that sends emails when replying to readers comments - its just a nice personal touch :o)

  3. great job on the run!!! glad u r feeling better.

  4. I definitely crave exercise more when I haven't done in a few days. Glad you are back at it! And my perspective on fitness has changed in the sense that I want to work because I like how it makes me feel. Instead of working out to feel better about the way I look.

  5. 1. I've always wanted to visit Toronto.
    2. Thanks for reminding us to keep it real. I loved your last post, and the message in this one, too.
    3. My fitness perspective has changed, big time, in the past year! With my hip injury that I am still dealing with, I've had to take a step back and change my outlook from go-go-go race-race-race to taking care of myself and working on prevention. Its been an adjustment!