On the Mend...

I just wanted to stop in and thank all of you who have taken the time to wish me well here and on Twitter. You guys are all a bunch of super cool rockstars and your concern means the world to me.

As for an update:

I am on my back back to health. I slept for over ten hours last night and thankfully some of the more, shall we say, excruciating symptoms have subsided and while I feel some noticeable kidney pain and tenderness throughout the day, keeping hydrated it helping.

It's safe to say I have upped my water consumption to 11 bazillion litres today. I might was well park myself in the bathroom for the afternoon. Thank goodness I finally figured out my wireless router because now I can bring you guys with me. Is that too much information? Good thing I am sort of kidding!

Oh and by the way, you guys are such a bunch of smart cookies! Stress is a definite factor for me and my health and one that I need to stop overlooking if I want to live healthy. Thanks again for all the great advice and perspectives!

Things other than drinking water to keep me busy today:

An epic clean-up of the apartment (The Boyfriend is so thrilled about this and is trying to milk my illness to get out of it!)
Reading blogs and resting in my organized home once the cleaning is done
A trip to Yogurtys which I am told is the Canadian equivalent of Yogurtland. My insane Janae jealousy can begin to subside now...

I can't exercise yet and may have to skip my long run again this weekend so I will spend a better part of the day reminding myself that "its for the goodness of my health". Oh well, I'll be back to running (and only drinking 3 bazillion litres of water) in no time!!

Have a wonderful and fun Saturday!!

So tell me, what fun (non-water drinking) things are you doing this weekend?


  1. I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. Being sick for that long is never fun! My husband and I are going to a cooking show in Dallas today. I'm pretty pumped to lear some new cooking techniques! :)

  2. Sam, It's great to know that you are on the mend. Since I've begun living healthier I haven't been sick but other icky health issues have risen like yeast if you catch my drift. Take care of yourself and feel free to send your boyfriend to North Carolina if he wishes to continue his adventures in house cleaning.

  3. I'm glad you're in less pain today, and hopefully even less tomorrow! My weekend consists of errands and the beach!