Looking for a Few Good Blogs....

I love reading health and fitness blogs! (random exclaimation I know but hear me out)What I realized lately is that the more I read the more I want to read. I just can't get enough! So as a result of this little obsession I really want to add some new blogs to my list of "must reads" but I need your help!!

If you know of or are the creator of a great blog that focuses on healthy living, fitness or running please leave me a link in the comment section and I will head on over and check you out (if you're already on my blog roll then rest assured that I check ya out all the time *wink*). I plan to feature some of my favorite blogs here and yours could be next!

Speaking of which, the Featured Blog that I would like to highlight this week is:

Check out Angela's adventures in running, healthy and creative cooking and business
 (she's the owner of Glo Bakery)
Her story is truly inspiring (and her recipes are delicious and wholesome) and if you haven't seen her site yet you are definitely missing out!



  1. Blog reading is addicting. If my job knew how many blogger hours a banked a week I might be in the un-employed line. Glad you found my blog, hope you enjoyed it and now I have someone new to stalk. PS: I <3 OSG TOO!

  2. My blog is about healthy and happy living. I have some posts about fitness and some about mental wellness! www(dot)tropicalhappiness(dot)com

  3. Here is a running blog that I find really motivating:


    Hope you like it.

  4. I love reading blogs too. In my blogroll on my site you can find some great ones. I see you already got Syl from Live Smile Run.

    At my blogroll f.e. One step at a time is a great running/healthy blog or A forty-somethings weight loss journey: Shelley is amazing!

  5. Oh this is fun! Some of my favorite blogs are:
    Peas & Thank You: http://peasandthankyou.com/
    Honey Nut Lo: http://www.honeynutlo.com/
    Hungry Hungry Hippie: http://hungryhungryhippie.com/
    Meals & Moves: http://mealsandmoves.wordpress.com/
    MizFit: http://mizfitonline.com/
    and there are so many more good ones! ;)

  6. Ditto to what Florida Food Snob said. Take yesterday as a prime example. I had nothing pressing due yesterday at work. So I got all caught up on my blog reading, I did 2 blog enteries while at work, and did some tweetnig too lol. Gotta love slow days!

  7. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I love meeting a fellow health nut. :)

  8. Look at me! Hahaha shameless self promotion :)