I tend to learn the most when I completely suck..

As I mentioned in an earlier post I had made it a point to fit some exercise and physical activity into my vacation. It, the sheer act of moving and getting sweaty, when done correctly, isn't a chore for me and so why would I take leave from that part of my life right? And so I did. We hiked, first down then back up a "mountain" (a ski hill at Blue Mountain for any of you familiar with the Collingwood area), we biked for an hour and a half. We moved and it was great. Those parts anyway...

I also went running. Twice since my last post actually. The sun was shining,birds chirping, the breeze was just noticable enough to keep me cool on what was going to perfect day for 10K run.

Yeah right!

Instead my legs felt heavy and tired, my breathing was labored, my stomach..uh, let's just say unsettled. It was so far from the perfect run that I really couldn't have been more disappointed. I swore (both out loud and to myself to the shock of other vacationers I'm sure!) and begrudgingly made my way back to the cottage, having only ran just less than 4 of the 5 planned kilometers I had set out to cover.

And then it hit me. I could run (and walk then run some more) the whole way back pissed off at how shitty the run had been. Hell I could go so far as to piss and moan that I hate running, that I never want to do it again, that I am just not cut out for this friggin' crap, but what good would it do me? I still want to run and I will still continue to run so where would a good ol' fashion bitch-fest get me? Would I run better next time? Maybe, but definitely not because I pouted and sulked my way through the next 3.5K about it.

So instead I asked myself a question: I said "Samantha, you know you are better then this so what happened?"

And with that, just one little question, a flood of answers came about: I hadn't hydrated properly yesterday (or the day before that, or even the day before that), my eating and sleeping habits were completely out of whack. I was running on a now empty stomach that had been filled to the brim with BBQ chicken burgers, potatoes and salad and tortilla chips and salsa the night before. I hadn't warmed up or stretched. I was running in new shorts (umm, hello chafing! Ouch!!) Everything, and I mean everything that I knew had gone out the window and yet I still wanted to run a PB that morning?!? Duh!

And so, as I trudged along I learned a valuable lesson, one that I wouldn't have learned had I just hammered out at 58 minute 10K. I never ask myself why I do well. The answer ("that I totally rock and kick major ass!!!") is obvious isn't it? Its only when I am disappointed, when, in essence, that I let myself down, that I reflect back on all the things that go into why I can do what I have done and will continue to do. And now I know what I always knew and that is if I want to be a runner, then I had better damn well be one! Whether its breakfast time or bedtime or anytime in between I need to be a runner. Because as they say, how far is your car going to get you if you fill the tank with donuts? So here's to making all parts of my lifestyle work together to get me to my goals.

So tell me, whats the best lesson that you have learned the hard way when it comes to health and fitness?


  1. So true! You know what they say about lessons..ya always learn the best ones the hard way :)

  2. Great post!!! Sorry the run sucked, but glad you figured out why and questioned yourself!!! Have a great day :)

  3. isn't it amazing what you learn on even a bad run? I think sometimes as much as we hate having an off day they are the ones that teach us the most

    hmm my hardest lesson has been that every run can't be great actually