The great vacation debate...

Currently I am enjoying a very well deserved (if I do say so myself) vacation up in cottage country with my boyfriend and two of our fur babies (a goofy Golden Retriever and a cat who got a last minute ticket to vacation-ville by getting a UTI of sorts, costing me $1000 and ending up on medication for a week...but that my friends is another rant for another time!!) Its beautiful and relaxing up here; just what you'd want from a vacation spot. One problem though: It's so relaxing I am "forgetting" to exercise and eat as cleanly as I should.

Okay, let's get real, nothing has truly been forgotten. I didn't just wake up and fail to remember that at home 5 or 6 days of a week are dedicated to one sweat-fest or another. I didn't have a memory lapse and become unable to recognize the Mizunos that were packed with a purpose, are sitting by the front door but have only made their way out of the cottage once since Saturday. Oh no, I know what I am conveniently choosing not to remember

Let's face it, it can be almost impossible to roll out of bed on the best of days and throw on your running gear and head out the door before the rest of the world has even brewed their first cup of coffee. But here, that difficulty is magnified by I don't know, a million! I wake up, there's a cool breeze, a small ray of sunshine peaking in from the window, the birds are chirping. Sure, this makes for a beautiful morning to go for a run but it also makes for an even more beautiful day to laze in bed with Boyfriend (who is still tucked under the covers as I write this by the way) and pretend that exercise is something that other people do.

So clearly I am struggling. I have made some decent food choices (along with some less than decent ones) since we arrived and I did go out for a 5K yesterday AND I plan to hike, bike and run some more this week. What I need to do now is turn this little lapse around and make the right decisions going forward. I need to find a way to incorporate fun activity into my time off (like the aforementioned hiking for example!!) I need to eat healthy for the majority of my stay and not get too caught up in the little treats here and there.The challenge, which I do choose to accept, is making those plans and sticking to them.

Here's to a relaxing but also active week away!

Tell me, do you struggle to fit fitness into your vacation? Do you ever take a vacation from that part of life too?



  1. It sounds like you have a great attitude about it! Try to enjoy your vacation, but you're right, fitness should be a part of it too. When I'm on vacation, I usually always struggle. But this past year I joined a gym for the duration of my trip so I was able to keep on top of fitness!

  2. Keep running in cottage country cause I will beat you at our next race! ha ha ha Hope you enjoy your vacation and enjoy the peacefulness of the country :)


  3. Normally if we go on vacation we go by plane and I can't take too much luggage with me so the running gear stays home. But we are no persons who lay down on the beach the whole day, we're usually very active so I walk a lot.

    This year we're going by car and I take my running gear with me. I look forward to running in a different area then I usually do.