She's baaaaaaaack!!

Hey blog world, how the heck are ya?! Remember me, the artist formally known as Sugar Free Cupcake? I know, I know, its been forever and a day. What's that? Aw, well that's so nice of you to say and yes, I missed you too. We really have to keep in touch. I mean it too.

So officially it has been 6 months since I dropped off the blog radar. It wasn't what I wanted (I love it here!) but it was what I needed at the time. Let's just say that life got crazy for a while and I lost my blogging mojo in the process.
Now for the good news: Since I have been gone I have maintained my weight loss (there has been a few fluctuations, first down then up, along the way) I have been busy in the gym AND (this is my favorite part!) I have been kicking some major ass in the running department!!

Flash back to Fall 2009: A runner was something I wanted to be. Sure, I literally ran, but I had a really hard time qualifying myself in a league of people whose sheer physical fitness simply astounds me. At that point my furthest distance was 5K and while that is definitely nothing to sneeze at I knew I wanted more. I set some goals during that time, one of them being to run a 10K in the spring. Well guess what?!? I did it! TWICE!! How friggin' awesome is that?

Fast forward to Spring 2010: These days I run all the freaking time! 6K here, 9K there. 16.5 wonderfully painful kilometres all in one shot even! And I feel great! I am a Runner (and not just because I now have a nifty subscription to Runner's World either) Running has found a place in my life like no other activity ever has. Sure, I still cross train a few days a week, but even spinning and boxing don't have the same special place in my heart that running does. I wake up early on my days off to run, I run in the rain, I run and I run and I run!

Here I am crossing the finish line of the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto:

And I did it in less then an hour which I am so excited about!

Its been a crazy ride folks but look where I ended up: Healthy, happy and still rocking my skinny jeans!

There's so much more but I'll save that for another day..... I'm so glad to be back.



  1. Welcome back!
    Nice to see that while you were gone you have accomplished so much, WTG!

  2. Welcome back! Nice job on the 10k and beyond. Congrats on staying in your skinny jeans too....

  3. Read a reaction of you on Tiffany's blog so came to check you out as you're training for a half like I am and am always looking for runner's blogs. So here I am :)

    Feel free to visit my blog if you like: www.dutchgirlgetshealthy.com