Ladies and gentlemen, I think I got my mojo back!

I am happy to report that training has been going really well so far this week! Here's my mid week recap:

Sunday: 14k run-It was humid and I hit a bit of a wall around kilometre 9 but I pushed through it and made it to the end of the intended route which, in case you were wondering, happens to be all the way to my mom's house. Convenient huh?

Monday: 50 minute intense spinning class/45 minute strength training circuit-The spin class was great (the teacher is an Iron Man, how could it not be right?) and the circuit was something I put together to get a combo of upper and lower body plus core.

Tuesday:9k run-The weather was terrific for running. 20C with a breeze..couldn't ask for better conditions in June! The course was mostly flat although there were a few steep hills. It felt good to get out and run it with a group of people who push me to push myself.

I feel really good about all my wholesome food choices today too:

Breakfast was a multigrain bagel (plain) and a fruit salad (so fresh and yummy!)

Lunch was a tasty salad from a salad bar near my office (you get to add 6 fresh toppings...how fantastic!)

And the last of the leftover homemade vegetarian, dairy free enchiladas from earlier in the week

Dinner was actually a late afternoon  lemon coconut The Simply Bar (vegan,organic and 16g of protein..whoo hoooo!) and a later evening bowl of multigrain Cheerios with Vanilla soy milk. Nothing too exciting and hence, no photo.

All and all its been a really great day folks but now its time for yet another part of a healthy lifestyle...sleep!
G'night and sweet dreams everyone!

So tell me, what was the highlight(s) of your day?


  1. Yay for you with your runs!!!

    The highlight of my day yesterday was getting out of the house to go to the gym last night! I was the last one there and felt a little bad for the people working, but felt great for going instead of vegging on the couch :)

  2. The highlight of my day yesterday was leaving class at 9pm after working my full-time job and then having to go to class right afterward. What a long day!!

  3. Well congrats on getting back on the wagon! Whoot Whoot!

    The highlight of my day yesterday was buying a new D-SLR camera which you already knew about ;-), but seeing as I am reading this today Wednesday, the best part of my day is that today was my last day of full time work. yeah! Look out school here I come in Sept.

  4. Don't you love a great spin class? I went last night for the first time in a while and am actually sore today.