Bulging Bridesmaid-4 Week Countdown

I realize that the title of this post suggests a number of things, one being that perhaps I believe that  in some way I can (and should) safely be referred to as bulging. This is not true. I am not "bulging" and frankly, I don't really adore the adjective when used to describe anyone. The reason that I use it, for all you Canadians out there, is that it is a spin off the television show "Bulging Brides". If you haven't seen it the show features soon-to-be-brides who need to drop some pounds and tone up to get into their dress and look fabulous on their big day which is 4 (or is it 6??) weeks away. The show is hit and miss (the food restriction is a little too severe for long term success in my opinion but I guess thats not really the point of it) but the premise has inspired me, as you will see.

One of my good friends B is getting married in a few weeks (4 to be exact) and I have the honor of standing up for her as a bridesmaid. The dress (a size 6...can you freakin' believe it!!) is hanging in my closet and as of my last dress rehersal it still fits, phew! But with four weeks to go and a less than stellar 2 weeks of nutrition and exercise behind me I have decided to use the wedding as another motivator to get back on the fitness and wholesome food bangwagon.

This is the dress. Forgive the poor quality photo but I am in the market for a new camera..yay!

Truthfully, I have been slipping a little (ok, a little more than a little). My food choices haven't been great and I haven't been sticking to my training schedule as much as I had intended. I have the 10 Miler in a few weeks (and by a few I mean 2..holy sh*t!!!) and I just don't feel prepared yet. I need to shake this off and I am hoping that the combo of a looming race day and the upcoming nuptials will kick my butt into full gear again.

The plan is to resume my training schedule (see Look What I Did!) and really get clean about my eating. My goal is 2000 calories most days (the more intense days will be a little more, my rest days a little less) focusing on whole grains, fruits and vegetables and legumes. Most of my eats in the last few weeks have been vegetarian anyway so I plan to keep that up too!

B and I at her stagette (don't you think we look like we could be related??)

Here we go! 4 weeks to get back on track and stay there. B I love you and while I know I won't look quite as good as you on your big day (at 5'11 with ballerina legs this woman is absolutely stunning!) I hope to to look and feel beautiful and confident!!

So tell me, do you have a dress to fit into this summer? Does an event like a wedding motivate you to keep active?


  1. I have a pair of boyshort panties I need to fit into for the Toronto Underwear Affair. Yikes, nobody wants to see me 'bulging' or spilling out of some potentially cute boyshot panties.

  2. I LOVE setting short term goals like that. My goal for the summer...not look like a pregnant whale :P LOL Eating clean and exercising is the main thing. I've been leaning more vegetarian too. Happy training, you are gonna do great on your 10 miler!

  3. Good luck with your 10 miler!!! Is it your longest race to date?