TMI- How Much is Too Much?

I love blogging. The freedom to create a niche and make it your own is refreshing and liberating. It's a chance to create something that is truly yours in whatever form you choose.

Well, within reason I suppose...

I've shared my opinion on blogging etiquette and do's and don'ts in the past ( you can read about that here and here) but tonight I want to delve into the topic of oversharing, taboo topics and the infamous TMI (too much information)

As I blogger I set out my own guidelines for where I "draw the line", so to speak. I learned a lot from other bloggers and got a feel for what I was comfortable with sharing. I know instantly if I feel weird about posting something and before I hit publish I ask myself a few questions:

  • Is the theme of the post in keeping with the overall theme of my blog? Will people expect this from me?
  • What is the purpose of sharing this information? Am I trying to make people laugh or is there more to it then that?
  • Will people understand the humour and the direction I am going in based on previous posts and the tone of my writing?
  • Would I cringe if my mom read it? How about my boss? How about my boss's mom?
  • Will sharing a story help someone? Am I discussing a tough topic that should be discussed?
Things I don't think about when I'm considering a blog post:

  • Will I lose readers?

Now don't get me wrong...I love my readers! Every single person who takes time out of their busy life to read what I have to say is a complete and utter rockstar in my eyes. The point that I am making is that I write what I think and the readers I want are the ones who appreciate that. You don't always have to agree with me but I want you to value my right to an opinion as I value yours.

And hey, call me out if you think I've crossed a line. I am totally okay with that because I am also okay will explaining myself, my rationale and my intentions. I'm all for healthy and candid discussions that go both ways (that's what the comments sections is for!)

Some of my favorite blogs have discussed fertility, birth control and family planning , the Diva Cup (all Caitlin by the way) runners' trots, unwashed hair and clothing, run ins with rude stinky men and their sex life (in great detail). I'm not shy but I also know that if something makes me a little uneasy I can click away. Its my choice what to read much the same as its a bloggers choice what to write.

For the record, things that will never make it onto my blog:

  • Details about my family and friends and their personal lives/health etc. unless they grant me permission to discuss it
  • My sex life (innuendo is all you're getting people!!)
  • Details about the company I work for
  • Personal information that could jeopardize my safety

Otherwise its fair game. I'm gonna talk about my good days and my bad ones. I'll probably talk about chafing and sweat and how much I stink. I'll even mention poop (if for no other reason then to write the word poop!) Someday I may talk about marriage or heartbreak (although hopefully the former not the latter) and my role as a wife and mother (and then I get to talk poop all the time!) Its my blog and the intention is to be REAL. I can't say it enough. If there was one way to sum up my blogging mandate its this:

Be as real as possible. Never compromise integrity. Always be honest, even when its scary. Be open. Share.

So really the point is that I believe everyone defines their own TMI threshold. And if I can appreciate it for what its worth I am always going to look past the "Omigod did she just write that" and love your blog just the same! (Or potentially more...ahem, Cely!)

I hope you'll do the same for me too.

So tell me, do you have a TMI threshold? How much is too much to you?


  1. Hello Samantha, I am a new reader. I have to tell you, this blog was the best first blog for me to read. I do have my own blog of course, and I never really thought about the very thin line between TMI and Ok. I will definately consider my line before writing my next blog.

  2. I am pretty open about my infertility, pregnancy, body during/after pregnancy, nursing, and running related issues. I draw the line at things I don't even talk to my friends about. Let alone my mom (who I know reads my blog every day!)

    I have a lot of opinions on what I like to read and I don't. Bottom line though -- If I don't like it, I don't read it. And I wait for the next post. One post doesn't scare me away or even offend me, because rarely are those types of posts continuous!

  3. I feel like ur talking directly to me because I do share everything. My dad reads my blog so I really have to pause before pressing publish. I'm hoping I don't offend anyone.


  4. I like to laugh at myself so a little TMI may b necessary.

  5. Awesome post!!!!
    I totally agree with the guidelines you have set mostly because they are similar to mine but everyone needs to set their own
    I'll never discuss my employer or friends who hate social media but i'm silly and occasionally overshare but it all comes with my sense of humour and i'm okay with that!
    I love these posts, keep them up :o)

  6. My grandmother (sometimes) and mother and littlest sister read my blog - so I always think about whether I'm comfortable with them reading what I'm saying. If I'm not, I usually won't post it. We have a pretty open family, but I try not to post anything harmful or mean-spirited!

  7. So happy I found your blog! I am a fairly new blogger...and for now, I try to make sure that I wouldn't mind my mom or dad reading it. Otherwise, I will probably post it! That will probably change though as I get more into blogging!

  8. I like this post. So many people definitely get the TMI award.

  9. Lots of people cross into TMI territory - but then again that's based on my boundaries not theirs.

    For me, I always ask myself I mind my in-laws, mother, or co-workers reading what I'm writing. If I mind, well then obviously I need to be a little less open.