Marathon Training Week Eight- Other Loves

Hi everyone! I'm back from a long, pretty much unplugged weekend away at the cottage and ready to get back to my daily routine. It's funny how much I miss the predictability of the every-day when my schedule gets interrupted huh?

Here's how training went last week:

Monday: 18km (on the treadmill...who am I??)
Tuesday: Zone 8 spin/strength circuit (1hour)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Zone 8 spin/strength circuit (1 hour 15min)
Saturday: Spinning (50min)
Sunday: Rest

Total distance ran: 18km

Here's what I learned:

I like spinning. Alot. I mean I always knew I liked it, but if I were in the eighth grade I'd be at the stage where I am writing spinning on my notebook and drawing hearts around it. It's a bona fide workout crush I tell ya!

Right now the only thing I am loving more than spinning is spinning with strength intervals mixed in. Eight minutes on the bike, eight on the mat with a focus on all major muscle groups. Repeat for 1 hour or more. I swoon!

All this spinning and strengthening has taken my interest off running, at least for the time being. Sure I ran for 2 hours on the treadmill last week and felt pretty good the entire time but that was it for the week. And you know what? I'm going with it. Like I said last week, I am not going to torture myself. I am going to do what I love and what I feel motivated to do. And it's not like I am sitting around eating potato chips..I'm still sweating my ass off! (and then eating a few chips hehehe!)

When it comes to running these days I would actually rather run on the treadmill than outside. I'm not sure why exactly, but I am guessing that I like the lack of humidity and smog/air pollution plays a big part in it. And I know "they" (you know "them" right?) say you aren't supposed to train too much indoors but the way I see it is running inside is better than not running at all. As it stands, I'll take what I can get.

This might be my one and only marathon. I don't plan to give up running entirely but I am interested in exploring other things next year like biking, a sprint duathlon, a Warrior Dash (or similar adventure run), a return to kick boxing and possibly become certified to teach spin. Running is a great part of my overall physical activity, but I don't want it to be the be all, end all. Let's be honest, I am bored way to easily for that!

Thoughts this week: The marathon (and running in general) is so much more then a physical test. I am learning a lot about pushing my own limits, dedicating myself to a goal and persevering through tough times. I started this because I wanted to prove to myself that I can do something I never thought possible. I will finish it for that same reason. I won't win (not by a few hours!) but I will have accomplished so much more. That' moment is why I do it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

So tell me, are you a creature of habit and routine? Do you like spontaneity and surprise or predictability?


  1. I get obsessive with exercise, and play favorites. It used to be spin, now it's running. I would like to find a healthy balance and mix it all up, but it's like loving the Backstreet Boys, you can only have one favorite at a time =)

  2. I definitely need to mix it up otherwise I get bored! I try to do half of my exercise outside if I can, but in Chicago in the winter it proves pretty tough. Right now I'm into running and/or outdoor boot camp classes. I'm a creature of routine in every other area of myself except exercise!

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  4. I'm really enjoying running on the treadmill too. I did a mile and a half outside in the 90 degree temps today, and quickly realized why I'd chosen the treadmill. I've also gotten into spinning this summer!

  5. My workouts are pretty structured. I like to get in each body part, run 3 days, spin 2 days. I love spinning and want to get certified too!

  6. sam, u r hardcore! 18k on a friggin treadmill? niiiiiice work!
    that is pretty good.

    i know what u mean about doing more fun races then another marathon. yes, i want to do another marathon sometime in my life...but adventure races are my future.
    we should ALL (GTA bloggers)do a mud run or soemthing together!

    have a great week!


  7. I can become a creature of habit pretty easily, as I did with running and unless something breaks down then I am forced to get out of my routine. For example my foot is now hurt, so I am forced to swim...and I am loving it!! So I think sometimes getting out of a routine really can be a good thing.