Marathon Training Week 12: Run this City

As I write this I am listening to a crazy wind storm outside my window, which has me thinking about all those people on the east coast of Canada and the USA and hoping that they (you) are staying safe during this crazy hurricane/tropical storm. This kind of weather is no joke!

Crossing my fingers that it is over soon!

On a separate note, here's a look at how my training went last week:

Monday: Cycle Pump (75min)
Tuesday: 5km run
Wednesday: 5km run
Thursday:  Spinning (30min) Strength training (30min)
Friday: Hot yoga (75 min)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 18km run

Total distance ran: 28km

Here's what I learned.... about running in the city:

There are tons of things in Toronto to look at and see and running without music is a lot easier then I thought. Two of my three runs (including my long run) were iPod free and I really enjoyed it. I will bring music to the marathon but only revert to it if I really need to.

Running into downtown is kind of amazing. Yes its a net downhill and so obviously my favorite thing ever, but the view is a close second. Toronto just looks cool, you know?

Training for a marathon is tough when there are traffic lights and crazy, maniacal people pulling out of driveways and making blind left hand turns. You have to be alert and be prepared to stop more often then planned. Following your training plan is important but so is not getting hit and actually being able to attend the race.

City layout is like a built in race, at least as far as water stations are concerned. Its not free but its actually cold and comes in a portable container.

Cities are full of lots of people which also means lots of other runners, which serves as a great motivation. Its hard to slack off on a downhill when someone speeds past you going up the damn thing!

Once you are done with all your crazy running business you can also "run" errands because everything you need is right there. Other patrons may not appreciate my stinkiness but I am all about efficiency and they will just have to accept that.

Secret: If I could pick any other city to run in it would be New York, mostly because I desperately want to run in Central Park. Until then, Toronto has got my heart!

Not to sound all mob boss on ya, but I'm proud to say I run this city!

So tell me , what's your favorite city and why?



  1. I haven't been to enough big cities to say what my favorite city is. I've never run anywhere besides places I've lived, so that boring.

    I also would LOVE to run in central park. It just seems so magical! Running in my neighborhood is torture, I would love to run someplace new, that has so many sites and sounds, and other runners. That would rock!

  2. Wow - I haven't been to TO in a long time. WF's! I want to go so bad - but I'd have to drive 5 hours to get there...;) Oh well. I think I would love TO because more of a night-life, etc. (I live in Ott), but I don't know - not a fan of traffic and crazy busy-ness or stuff. Enough traffic here as is!! But it would be fun I think :)

    Great training week! Wow.

  3. I've never been to TO, but I'd love to check it out. I think I'm torn about city running. I'd like the sights but hate having to stop for cars n' such.

  4. Amazing training program of your last week, I am crazy to run in rain.Running activities always beneficial for our health and fitness . Try some strength training fitness workouts programs at next week.I hope you get unexpected result from this.