Work It Out Wednesday-Easy 5k

Before we begin I should warn you that I am blogging from my iPhone in the car (passenger seat people!) I apologize in advance for the worse then usual spelling mistakes. I'm trying to be efficient since we are stuck in traffic, like it or not, so we will see how it goes.

Today's workout was an easy run with Cynthia. We are both getting over various ailments so we made it a recovery run and didn't concern ourselves with time or pace.

What a difference that made! We chatted and took little break when we needed them and before I knew it we were done!

That kind of run was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence for the race this weekend. It wasn't the fastest but it just felt good.

I've gotta say, I am very relieved!!

Hey 30km....bring it!

So tell me, how did you spend your lunch break today? What was your workout?



  1. Great job on the run today!! We will rock this race on Saturday! :)

  2. I love working out during lunch! I did an anusara yoga class during lunch today and my productivity level shot through the roof afterwards!

  3. yay for recovery runs that make you feel batter!

    i spent my lunch hour partly at Rabba, picking up some produce, so i dont have to go after work, partly at shoppers, picking up a new eye liner and partly, eating my lunch while reading a book on a bench.

  4. the above comment was by me: aneta

  5. So I bailed on my run yesterday. And I felt awful about it. So after reading this post, I decided, why not get out there and just do whatever I can - so I went for a 3km run at 11:00pm lol. It wasn't the best run of my life, but I was proud of myself. This blog is a great resource for me - its positive and motivational. So thank you :)

  6. I love all you experienced runners! every time I read a post with "easy" and "5k" grouped together I just smile to myself as I am currently training for my first ever 5k! lol so I can NOT wait till I think of 3.1miles as an easy recovery run! You look amazing and I am excited to see how your 30k goes :D good luck!!!

  7. ps: 1.5mile ez run and the mountain stairs behind my house 3 times.....there are 500 steps :)

  8. I spent my lunch break (and too much money) at Target :)