Two New Things: A PDR and the Best Fro Yo EVER!!!

I woke up bright and early thig morning (on a Saturday, blech) for a scheduled long run that I had committed to completing with Cynthia. Because I had been having such a hard time actually getting out the door for my long runs lately I knew firm plans with a running buddy was just the thing I needed.

Breakfast was munched in the car because I was desperate for every extra minute of sleep I could get. Judging by those eyes, I certainly needed a few more!

After meeting with Cynthia and giving my Garmin a little extra charge we headed out. The plan was a 24km out and back along the Lakeshore in Toronto. Easy Peasey, right?


Or not.

I am not a fan of running (walking or breathing) in the humidity and it was obvious to me from a few kilometres in that it was going to be very warm and sticky. The sun refused to duck behind any clouds, leaving us out in the open, women versus the scorching heat.

I (unlike Cynthia, who is a hot weather running freakin' superstar) will lose that standoff each and every time.

At least I am winning at being a totally hot running chick! Err..actually scratch that accolade too while you are at it.

Getting to the half way point wasn't completely horrible. I knew the humidity was getting me so I took some walk breaks and slowed my pace as Cynthia charged on ( I am positive she was a desert roadrunner in another life)

The way back was another story. I had rolled up my shirt in an effort to try to get my skin ventilated because my body felt like it was on fire, but I am pretty sure some significant damage was already done. I was hot, my legs were heavy and my mind slowly going to the dark place.

Uh oh, the dark place.

With every step I started to hate the sun, my socks, iPod, water bottle, fuel belt and ear phones even more and I was seriously (and I mean seriously) contemplating whether the marathon is a good idea for me.

If given the opportunity to drop out while I was at kilometre 20 you bet your ass I would have!

So let's fast forward, knowing that the run (or at least the back half) was one of these sucky "I hate this, why do I do it to myself" kinds of runs but I have been at this long enough to know that they happen and you move on.

On the bright side, I did get a PDR to tuck under my much aggrieved running belt: 23km. In your face 21km half marathon..in your face!

Oh and I didn't quit the marathon when the chance did arise. Yay me!

Now for my favorite part of my entire life day

Self-serve frozen yogurt with a mega stocked toppings bar? Where have you been all my life??

To say that we were excited for this trip, which was months in the making by the way, is an understatement.

Think kids going to Disneyland and a birthday party on Christmas morning and you've pretty much got it understood.

I got cookies and cream and banana split fro yo with pretty much every topping they had. Between the giggling and squealing and the overload of yogurt goodness the teenagers working there must have thought we were as stoned as they were (tasteless stereotype alert!!)

We made sure to tell them we had just run for a bazillion hours which only served to make them think that we were completely crazy given how hot it was outside. They probably still think drugs had something to do with it to.

Nope! All natural runner's high baby!!

And a touch of sugar high when we were done too.

I'm in heaven! And it's walking distance from my house.

There goes future hopes of that hot runner chick award.

Oh well...I'll drown my sorrows in fuzzy peaches and red velvet fro yo instead. Totally hot is way overrated anyway.

So tell me, what's something new you tried recently? Have you have had self-serve fro yo??



  1. I was almost going to say that froyo makes a long hard run worth it, but wow, that run sounded like a killer. Way to hang in there!

    And um, yes, you (and Cynthia) are totally hot running chicks.

  2. That fro yo place was amazing!! I cannot wait to go back :) Great job on the run!

  3. That place looks so yummy! No fro yo places in Trinidad...hmm...maybe I should open one!

  4. I love that you said that the teenagers working there must have thought you were stoned. LOL! I laughed SO hard. That reminds me of a time that me and my girlfriends went to the grocery store and loaded up on munchies back in high school. The giggling and lack of coordination completely made the checkers look at us like we were on leave from the psych ward. LOL!

    I love self serve fro-yo. It is super fummy and you can make it semi-healthy depending on your mood. :D

  5. Hey... what's the name of that froyo place?? I know there are a couple of Menchie's in TO and the GTA but I haven't seen that one before.... where is it located?

  6. Congrats, Sam! I am with Julia, I need to know that name and location of this place so I can try it out :)

  7. OMG Sam, you guys have the best fro yo places in the Tdot! Congrats on your PDR! I know what you mean about the "dark place". Distance running is just as much (if more so) a mental game as a physical one. I think you did an awesome job, especially considering this heat/humidity that we've been getting. That was some very well deserved fro yo!

  8. The yogurt place is called Yogurtys. There is one at Avenue Road and Lawrence but they are cropping up all over town. Check out their website for more locations!!

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