A Wedding and Some Pre-Race Ramblings....

As I mentioned yesterday I had the honor of being a guest the wedding of a longtime friend of the Boyfriend's (who I also know from high school). It was a beautiful day for that kind of occasion and on top of being lucky to have one another, I'd say the happy couple had a lot of  good fortune on their side!

The bride and groom looked gorgeous and were glowing with love and happiness. Don't you just love how you can feel the adoration at a wedding? I think that is pretty much my favorite part!

Oh and the food. This was an Italian/Peruvian wedding so the food was in abundance and it was absolutely amazing!! Everything from the yummy anti-pasto bar to the incredible dessert table was fantastic and kudos to the banquet hall for providing the best vegetarian main course I have ever had at an event (eggplant Parmesan...to die for!!)

And because I am running a crazy long race today (hello 30km or as the Boyfriend says, the 30,000 metre dash!) I only had a martini and a beer and then chugged water for the rest of the night. The discipline I exerted with chocolate martinis floating around every was astonishing!

The sweet table is another story. That was carb loading though *wink*

Speaking of the race, as I sit here typing this I am 5 hours away from the start time and starting to get that mix of excitement/nervousness. Thoughts running through my head are ranging anywhere from:

  • What the heck do I eat before a night race??
  • Holy sh*t its hot out there today!
  • 30km? Am I really running this??
  • 30km, I am totally running this!!
  • I wonder if the Boyfriend will bring me Cherry Blasters at the 20km mark??

The afternoon is going to be spent relaxing, trying to get some easily digested carbs into my body and packing for the race. I am pretty picky about that last one because there is nothing worse then getting to a race and realizing you forgot something (and with how nervous I get I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot shoes!!)

Next time we meet I will have a story to tell one way or the other. Fingers crossed that its a happy tale of a great race experience and a new PDR.

Wish me luck!!

(Also running the race are Cynthia and Aneta...go wish them luck too while you are at it!)

So tell me, what's your favorite part of a wedding? Are you running any races this weekend or coming up soon?


  1. My favorite part of a wedding is as soon as the doors open and you can see the bride. I always watch the groom to see the look on his face when he first sees her. So sweet. Then I take a peek at the bride. :)

  2. love ur dress! u look really pretty!
    i am sitting and trying to figure out a late lunch/early dinner and trying to figure what time to eat it, so that i have enough time to digest!

    and im running to the bathroom to pee every 10 mins. i drank a LOT of water yesterday! hhahhaha

    ok good luck! hope to see u there

  3. You are stunning!

    Good luck and kick some butt! You got this :)

  4. I love the look on the grooms face when the bride walks down the aisle!! So precious! You are going to kick butt in your race!!

  5. You look so fab! Good luck in the race - I'm sure you'll rock it!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Love the dress that you wore! My favorite part of the wedding is the dancing at the reception. Lots of fun! I have a race coming up in October. Good luck on yours, and I'm excited to read about it!

  7. You looked so gorgeous!!! I think my favorite part of weddings it the dancing!! I always make an effort to get out there and dance it off!

    1. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue, so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your blog.