Blogger Date @ Live Food Bar

Today was such an exciting day for me! Not only did I get to try a new restaurant and have a fabulous lunch on a patio on a beautiful summer's day but I did it with some amazing Toronto bloggers.


The super sweet Danielle of Body by Nature organized this little get-together at Live, which is a local organic vegan raw food restaurant. Quite the mouthful huh?

Thankfully that mouthful was of delicious food!

The menu was full of so many tasty sounding dishes it was really hard to choose. I landed on a salad (which was soooo good!) but secretly wanted a taste of everyone else's food too (Tacos, waffles and wraps...oh my!)

If you've got doubts about raw vegan food being good you need to try this place- I promise it will change your mind for good!

The only thing better than the food at this place was the company. I've said it before but I love spending time with other bloggers. It's like getting together with old friends who know you, support you and just "get" you. The conversation flowed from the minute we sat down and before I knew it two and a half hours had flown by.

Truthfully I could have stayed and chatted for another three hours and had dinner there too. We talked about so many different things (raw food, blogging, running) and barely scratched the surface of everything we could have discussed.

All that really means is that another meet up is in order for the very near future. Any excuse to chat with these ladies and try those tacos is good by me!

So tell me, how did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Wow, that's a lot of bloggers together in one place! How do you know that many bloggers in your area? I only know one or two that are even a few hours away from me.

    Anyway, that food looks delicious. I bet you guys had a great time. It looks like a lot of fun!

    Today I went running and worked. Not very exciting!

  2. YAY! The picture looks great! I am stealing it off your blog...hope that's ok :) Awesome meeting you and can't wait to do it again!

    Saturday: 5k warm-up, 5k race, HIIT, amazing lunch + amazing company. Pretty perfect day if you ask me! :D

  3. It was so nice to meet you Samantha! Such a lovely afternoon with wonderful ladies and great food. I agree, we could have all chatted for hours longer :) Happy to have found your blog as well - awesome! :)

  4. So great to see you, Sam! Sad I had to leave so soon during an interesting talk! We'll need to get together again soon. :) xoxo

  5. You are so so pretty and I am so so jealous I couldn't come....next time I am flying out to come:) Your food looks so so good!

  6. Yayyyyyy!!! So great to meet you, and you're right- we could have stayed all night! Good luck on your marathon training :)

  7. I am so sad I wasn't able to make it...I was helping the MIL move on the weekend. Looks like you had a great time!

  8. You are so so pretty and I am so so jealous I couldn't come....next time I am flying out to come:) Your food looks so so good!

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