"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you travelled from where you started"

After writing yesterday's post I had the chance to reflect further on running, the race and whether I ever want to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement ever again.

Dramatic? Yes. A bad race will do that to you.

The answer: I do, with a but. I do but want it to feel good. And not good as in my feet and legs don't hurt at all at the end of this marathon but good as in I am content, positive, accomplished.

Am I afraid that the marathon will go as poorly as Saturday? You bet your ass I am. And with forty two kilometres and months of training on the line I am also concerned (and convinced) that, come October 23, a bad marathon will spell the end of running for this girl.

So, with two months to go before the big day what am I supposed to do other than over analyze and fret about more stomach cramps (or worse!)?


Yup, I am the girl that cried her eyes out on the side of the road after dropping out of a race a mere 48 hours ago and who now signed up for a 1/2 marathon in a month.

Am I crazy? Unless you are new to this blog you already know the answer to that.

Other than crazy I am also in need of redemption- a race that will reignite my passion for running and get me past the race anxiety that has come over me since the last two racing disasters.

No pressure though...

Realistically this isn't meant to be a PR setting race but instead a chance to have fun and enjoy the thrill of lining up at a start line with other people looking to cover the distance with a smile on their faces. To renew the woo, if you will.

Deep down, under all the doubt and disappointment I believe I still like running. Somewhere along the line I just forgot.

Despite evidence to the contrary, these are difference that can be reconciled

Can't you feel the love?

So tell me, how do you get over a disappointment? Do you believe you should hop back on the proverbial horse right after you fall off?


  1. proverbial horse! proverbial horse! I always tell people looking to start running, no two runs are the same! So no matter how craptacular a run is, run again, and again, and again!

    WISH I could run the 1/2 too! But it's the same date as my full.

    Good luck! It'll get better. Promise!

  2. YES! I think the best way to keep running is to just... keep running.

  3. I think running the half a month before the marathon is a GREAT idea! I did the same thing in my preparation for my st marathon and it really boosted my confidence! You go girl!!

  4. so happy to read this! Glad you are doing a half mar! my good friend is running in the niagara falls one.....I, as I already told you am still at the beginning of my running career so I love stories like these :) get up and keep going! good for you!!!

  5. I definitely think you get back on the proverbial horse and ride..ride it hard.

    I had a craptastic half in Nov 2010.. undertrained, hurting hips, hot as hell, just miserable. I whined through out my race report. Then. I signed up for a march half marathon. I finished in 1:52:53.

    Sometimes we just have bad days. Unfortunately your's happened to be the same day you were registered for a 30k.

    On the day of your half you should try and mock exactly what you want to do for your full.. breakfast/clothes/the whole she-bang. I'm sure you know that, but just incase..

    Super proud of you for keeping on, and not giving up on the whole marathon thing!

    Remember: You are strong!

  6. Some runs will be better than others. Sorry your 30k was bad. I think the half is a good idea. I had a bit of an epiphany during my last 10k... I ♥ running but not long distances. I like short runs and pushing my speed. I like to sprint. I've done 2 halfs, and I'm proud of the accomplishment, but it was more to prove I could do it than because I love running distance. So now I'm focusing on speed and short runs because that's what I like and what works for me right now. Embrace the things you love. Hope your next run is great!