Ending It

When I first met you everything seemed so amazing! Anything was possible! You and I were meant to be!

I thought we'd be together for a long time-forever was a real possibility back then.

It just seemed right.

Until it didn't.

Did you change or was it me? Or maybe neither of us did. Maybe we are the same as we always were and our incompatibility was overlooked because of infatuation and hope.

I thought we could reconcile after our first separation and I tried my best to start over but there is something that just doesn't work about you and me.

Truthfully I feel better without you.

Truthfully you've already been replaced.

And you know what, I know you are probably pretty close to perfect- that many others will love you- you're just destined for someone else. Someone who will appreciate you to your full potential. Someone who isn't like me.

You make me obsessive. You made me make poor choices. You make me a little bit nuts.

I hate that and I refuse to live like that and that is why I have to go.

Thanks for the time we had. For what its worth I learned a lot about me from you. That is valuable and will never be forgotten. You changed me and who I am today because and in spite of you is something pretty great.

I wish you nothing but the best and I have no hard feelings.

I'd say we should be friends but that never works. Instead I will just admire you from a far.

Take care,


It's official, I have broken off my relationship with My Fitness Pal. It's for the best and the split was amicable. We're both doing fine.

So tell me, what bad for you habit have you broken up with lately?



  1. Thumbs for a healthy breakup! Phew :)

    I am trying to breakup with that voice in my head that puts me down when I skip a workout. And the other voice that fights with it and tries to justifies skipped workouts when sometimes there is no justification other than I want to be lazy.. To the little battle in my head - stop it, you are giving me a headache. I need to breakup with you and find peace of mind.

    p.s. I have an on and off again relationship with calorie tracking. It works when I'm willing to use it, but at the same time, my life and mood are much richer without it.

  2. I think when things become obsessive it's important to take a step back or break up. Even tools to help lead a healthy life can easily become unhealthy.

  3. Haha.. at first I thought this was going to be a letter someone wrote to you! I was already starting to totally feel for you... so glad it was you doing the break-up... and such a healthy one. :) I think I need to break up with peanut butter for a while... I love it so much, but it gives me massive heart burn. Not pretty at night when I can't sleep. :(

  4. OHMYGOSH the Burger post-it! I love you now more than ever.

  5. Awesome post, at first i was thinking ooohhh nooooo then i saw the photo and the infamous post it and laughed my arse off
    Good for you!
    I think i'm breaking up with meat - eek!

  6. Ha. Breakin' up is hard to do. I have re-broken up with diet coke. I'm sure we'll still see each other from time to time, but only in times of "need."

  7. so funny! i just wrote a similar post today, but i broke up with August and 100+deg temps!!!

  8. Do what you gotta do for you girl! :) I've been trying to use spark people, but it kinds puts me in the same mind frame. I've broken up with tanning beds! Ugh...I know it's bad bad bad...and right before the wedding I was all about looking good for the pictures, but I'm done done done with it.

  9. You broke up with it... with a post it note! That is freaking brilliant. I'm calling your Burger from now on, and sending you a bouquet of pink carnations immediately.

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