Am I Mid Summer's Night Dreaming?

Alright, it's official, I am running 30 "omigod have I lost my freakin' mind" kilometres this Saturday. That's right, The Mid Summer's Night Run will be completed as originally planned, or I'll die trying (which at this stage is also entirely possible)

You heard it here first.

So why all the "oh I hate running, it makes me so sad" whining to turn around and profess such a grand intention only a few days later?

What can I say...I'm fickle like that.

But seriously, it came down to a few things.

  • I hate going back on a plan, even if its a plan I made with myself. In all reality I could have probably stayed home and ate Doritos and that vast majority of the planet would have been none the wiser, but I would have known and been slightly judgmental about it. Can't let that happen...
  • I'm not ready to give up on running (see the point above) and I need to get my ass back in the game. What better way then a race with people who are all suffering  battling through the same challenges as me. And where The Boyfriend is waiting at the finish line, expecting me not to show up in a cab.
  • I paid for the race. I like money..a lot and thus, I am not cool with throwing it away. And $65 is a lot for a t-shirt and a mini stick of deodorant.
  • I want to finish it. I mean, I am not really jazzed about the 29 kilometres I'll trudge through to get there, but that last kilometre is gonna feel so sweet. And crossing the finish line? Magical!
  • When a Boston Qualified friend suggested that I drop down to the 15km option I really didn't want to. That was my gut talking, because believe me if I was looking for a solid out that would have been it.

So yeah, I've got a few days to mentally prepare and physically get my body in racing/super long run shape. That means limited caffeine, very little alcohol (I'm attending a wedding on Friday or I would say none) a small lake worth of water, wholesome food and good quality sleep.

Then all I need is a miracle and I should be good to go!

Wish me luck!

And hey, to my Toronto running friends: If you are doing this race let me know so I can look for you and say help me hello!!

So tell me, how do you know when to trust your gut and when to listen to advice?


  1. So exciting! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! I'm sure you won't regret completing this huge challenge.

  2. love your blog! I found you through Janae....I am doing the scotiabank 5k this year :) it's my first run! I'm so excited. I wish you luck for your 30k!!!! WOW!!! I'm gonna put you on my blog roll :D YAY

  3. Yay! I'm really loving your fighting spirit! I'll have to become a regular around here (I found you via Toronto Girl West - we went to grade school together). I'm running the 30K as well (training for the Waterfront Marathon). If I see you I'll be sure to say hello & wish you luck. If I don't see you, I reeaally hope you have a good run & feel totally epic at the finish line.

  4. Gut feeling wins 100% of the time - it's just trying to find that feeling! I'm so fickle about everything so when something immediately feels right I know it right away.

    Best of luck to you, my friend. You've got this!

  5. I am running the 15km this year ....have a great race and ENJOY IT!!

  6. yay sam! good plan! see u there!

  7. Good Luck! I was supposed to be running this race as a tune up for the full, but the injury will not allow me. So run have those kms for me :)