Blog Etiquette

My original post for today was meant to be my very first video blog (vlog) but due to infuriating minor technical difficulties that will have to wait for another day.

Another topic that I have wanted to touch on for quite some time is "Blog Etiquette" and a few of the do's and don't of blogging.

As a blogger I believe that I have a personal responsibility to represent myself of a particular way in the public space that is my blog. As I am entitled to determine the content of each and every one of my posts I feel that I have to abide by self-dictated guidelines of what it is that I want to portray for all the world (aka: my small yet wonderful group of readers) to see.

Samantha's Do's and Don't of Blogging

Do portray an image of yourself that you can support. Be honest and candid but be prepared to back-up your opinions when necessary.

Don't assume that the Internet is a valid place for your "honest opinion" if it borders on racist, homophobic or sexist even if you do believe in freedom of speech.

Do use your blog to vent feelings that you might otherwise bottle up. Oftentimes your readers are a good source of advice and support. Just be prepared for negative feedback as well as positive.

Don't use your blog as a space to rant. What might have seemed cathartic after a really bad day at work/date/fight with your sister won't seem so relevant tomorrow and it will probably come back to haunt you.

Do put up lots of funny pictures...of yourself. Remember you get to approve the content before hitting "publish"

Don't put up pictures of other people (embarrassing or not) unless you know that they are comfortable with having them out there in the public domain. Keep in mind that some people prefer to fly under the radar. (This applies to Facebook too people!)

One exception is pet photos. Feel free to embarrass them all you want!!

Do share your life; the good the bad and the ugly. Your blog is yours for a reason and readers want to know about you.

Don't share details about your friends, family, workplace or even arch-enemies. Only mention first names (or even better, nicknames) and to be safe DON'T blog about work unless absolutely necessary (or you want to get fired and are looking for a good reason. Keep in mind fired could come with a lawsuit so you know what, just don't bother).

Do comment on other blogs and share your thoughts, opinions and feedback in a constructive way.

Don't us the comment section as a way to be mean or rude. Remember, if you wouldn't say it to her face don't say it in her comments.

Do keep in mind that your image is yours to control. The content of your blog should be something you are proud of now and will be proud of in the future.

Don't forget that your grandmother or future employer could stumble upon your blog (hey, it could happen. Grandmas do all kinds of cool stuff these days!) Make sure you'd be able to face either one if they do.

Do blog because you  have something you want to share.

Don't stop blogging until you have nothing left to say!

One more to thoroughly embarrass the poor guy...but only because I love him!

So tell me, what are your blogging "Rules of Engagement"? Anything I should add to my list?


  1. Your pup is super cute!

    I think you've hit all of my big ones that I try to follow!

  2. Great tips- My Grandma totally reads my blog! She commented on it one day and I almost fell out of my chair! I keep my blog clean, and respectful so I have nothing to worry about it, but it really goes to show you do not know who is reading. I also know that my Husbands family read, so I am very careful what I say. I agree that your blog is "your" place, and while it's your place, you have to be very careful what you put on the interwebz.

  3. Love it! One of my big rules is that I will never post pictures of other kids (unless the parents know). I'm OK with posting pictures of my kids, but I would feel really weird if someone posted pictures of mine with my knowledge.

    I think as a blogger you have to be prepared for blacklash, no matter what the subject is. So you just have to have a tough skin. It's OK if people don't agree with you. Believe in what you believe.

  4. Blogging tips seem to be a hot topic on many blogs lately. Great tips, Samantha!

  5. I love this! You pretty much covered everything I would have!

  6. You puppy looks so much like my Cooper!! Coloring and even the sleepy pose!

    I really like your outlined rules!

    For me, a nice rule of thumb is to question would I be proud if my child/boss/parents read my blog?

  7. Great tips! And I love your dog!!

  8. These are great! I agree 100% with the work one. In fact, I never mentioned my full time job until I quit it and even then I was hesitant about what to say!

  9. Good post! And I agree! I'm also liking your new site look. :-)

  10. This is really interesting to read--thanks for sharing your perspectives.

  11. Love the tips! Sometimes I enjoy when bloggers write controversial posts, though... I think a lively discussion can be very interesting to read comments on :)

  12. great post!
    i agree with u!

  13. Do featured more photos of your dog :)

    I know many others wouldn't agree with me, but I try to keep my blog drama free. I like to think of it as my happy place!

  14. Great tips, I feel that I follow all of those, hehe. My hubby has talked to me about posting pics of the kiddos, in fear of them out in the public eye...

  15. Good tips, and I for sure follow most if not all of them.

    Oh, I also tagged you in my recent blog post: 7 things about me (well... soon to be you, if you want to do the tag). http://www.spiffykerms.com/2011/01/7-things-about-me/ Fun!!!

    Have a good monday!

  16. I think these blogging tips are perfect - and totally timely. I have been struggling at work (I'm in sales, and times are tough) and I wanted to talk about my struggle - but you helped me to think twice. I love my job and my employer, but it is never a good idea to talk about it publicly!

  17. great points...esp the one about future employers! My boss just ercently discovred mine! Thank goodness I never say anything about my job!

  18. I just started blogging and these tips are perfect!
    ps. cute doggie!