Things that make you go hmmmm???

There are times in my life where I go on a mini tangent of poor eating. Whether it be a day or possibly even a few, there are points where for whatever reason I just can't seem to find it in me to eat "right". I want Doritos and candy instead of grilled vegetables and fresh fruit. And no matter how hard I try the tangent seems to continue until all of a sudden its gone, usually as quickly as it appeared. Within no time I am back to healthy eating and wondering: What the hell got into me??

That sentiment is only furthered by a delicious, wholesome meal like the one I threw together for dinner tonight.

Let me introduce you to my take on a healthified, Greek inspired coleslaw. The idea is simple; take broccoli slaw (if you haven't tried it I suggest that you do...like now!), add your choice of veggies (in this case cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper), throw in some cooked tofu (or chicken if you so desire) and add low-fat cucumber dressing. Simple and delicious!

Did someone say Doritos? Sorry I was too busy drooling on the keyboard to care.

Another "what have I been doing all this time?" moment was born out of the discovery of this widely popular HBO hit:

O.M.G! How did I manage to miss out on this for so long I ask? Granted I don't subscribe to HBO but you would think that someone would have forced at least one episode of this crazy, sex-charged thriller on me by now. It's so good in so many ways and hello, its about Vampires! 'Nuff said.

Needless to say I have spent the better part of the first day of the year eating healthy food and getting caught up season one of True Blood. It's a rough life I tell ya......

So tell me, have you discovered anything lately that makes you say "Where have you been all my life?!?"


  1. Smoked salmon!! I thought I hated it but tried it recently and found that I actually LOVE the stuff! I made a sandwich with it using some cucumber, romaine, and a mix of plain Greek yogurt, herbs and lemon juice as my sauce.. it was AHHHmazing!!

  2. Trueblood is one of my FAVORITE shows!! And your coleslaw looks so yum, and I don't even ever like coleslaw.

  3. That salad looks amazing. I haven't really gotten hooked on anything lately. I'm sure there's something right around the corner though.

  4. That broc slaw looks great! I haven't picked that stuff up at the grocery in forever, but I should!

    POM juice splashed into sparkling water... where have you been all my life ;)

  5. I really like this recipe!! Espeically since I just bought broc-slaw at the grocery yesterday!! Nice!

  6. This coleslaw looks so yummy. And easy too. I watched the first season of True Blood and was hooked. We don't have HBO either so I haven't stayed all caught up. I heard the second season is even better than the first. Plus the boys are freakin' hott!!!

  7. I order HBO for only 3 months out of the year to watch this show. LOL Same with Showtime and Dexter. Those are my favorite shows! Have you read the True Blood books? They take a different path but are still just as good!