Challenge Accepted

Cruising around the blog world on Friday evening I came across a few great blogs, one of which mentioned a terrifying interesting challenge that had been extended by Mel at Tall Mom on the Run: Run, walk, swim, shuffle or crawl 1000 miles in 2011 and join the Tall Mom 1000+++ Club. Seems simple enough right?

Challenge accepted.

Now when I say terrifying....oops, I mean interesting, its because I plan to only log my running miles as a part of this challenge. Living in a city without a car I walk a LOT but I want this challenge to be extra challenging and motivating. So miles ran it is.

Broken down its not as scary as I thought. 3 miles a day and you meet the goal no problem. Well except that I have yet to clock more than a mile this year and I certainly don't run 7 days a week, every week. So how the heck am I going to do this you ask?

Here's the plan: Starting tomorrow I am going to head to the gym in the mornings to run an easy 3 miles before work. My intention is to do this 3 or 4 mornings a week. On top of that I will be starting my 1/2 marathon training which will have me running at least three times a week (tempo, hills/speed and long run). In total those runs should add up to around 12 miles to start and up to 18 miles as the race approaches. Add it all up and we are looking at upwards of 30 miles a week. Holy crap!!

That said, I do plan to adjust this to suit my schedule and my body. My intention is to say strong (and injury free) for my first races of the year so I will do (or not do) what it takes to try to make that happen.

While we are talking races here are the first two that I am training for:

Sunday May 1st

1/2 Marathon-Sunday May 15

The 1000+++ Club and these mean that I've got a lot of running to do!

So tell me, what challenges are you up against this year?



  1. Great challenge! I started tracking my miles on dailymile last June and on my blog in Feb, but I so wish I had them all tracked in one spot. I wonder how many miles I ran in 2010. I will have the answer in 2011! Good luck to you!

  2. What a challenge! I know you can do it and pretty soon it'll be like clockwork! Will be amazing to see how quickly your mileage adds up!

  3. Good luck! So glad you are doing this too. I keep telling myself this is totally doable...then I remember 1000 is a lot!

  4. I'm tracking only running miles too. And I do a lot of walking, so I'm wondering if that's a good idea. hee Eh...they can identify my body with my RoadID.

  5. Very cool challenge! This year I'm challenging myself to stick to my grocery budget, do hot yoga on a regular basis, and be able to do real chin ups and pull ups... among other things! Good luck - I'm sure you can do this! :)

  6. good for you girl! That's crazy, even with marathon training I can't imagine! You'll rock it!

  7. good to hear that you are challening yourself! my challenge? I'm doing p90x! It's pretty intense but it's been one week and I already feela difrference in my arms! Awesome!

  8. I am going to run my first half-marathon and marathon this year - and attempt the 21-day yoga challenge!

  9. I'm training for another half, a duathlon, and a marathon this year. My motto is to go big or go home.

    PS I tagged you for a stylish blogger award over on my blog. Check it out.

  10. Such a cool challenge! I can't wait to follow along and watch you accomplish it. I have to admit, it sounds a little intimidating...but I have no doubt you will totally rock it:)

  11. see u in mississauga!