Flying Solo

Have you ever sat in a semi-crowded movie theatre a noticed the person sitting alone? Did you think "Hmm..I wonder if he is a critic?" or "Maybe she's waiting for a date and he hasn't shown up". When I was young I used to think like that. The idea of going to a movie alone was *gasp* unheard of!

Then I got older (and arguably wiser) and realized why on earth would the movies be a 2+ person event? When you think about it it actually makes the least sense to bring a friend or a date to a movie because unlike a restaurant/museum/practically anywhere else on earth with the exception of the library, you can't actually speak or interact with one another! Sure you can grab a bite to eat beforehand and gab about the movie over coffee when its over, but if the sheer act of seeing a movie is all you crave going alone makes perfect sense.

That was me last night. I planned to see Black Swan with two girlfriends but after much confusion about movie times and locations neither of the ladies were able to join me. At first I considered skipping the movie and heading home but after a quick walk around the mall I realized I had no urge to go sit on the couch and what I really wanted was to see the damn movie.

And so I went. Alone. And it was great. The movie was dark, twisted and sexually charged and I thought Natalie Portman was fantastic. Sure I didn't have a friend to dissect the scenes with as we left the theatre but so what?! I saw the movie that I wanted to see and that's what really mattered to me.

I'm also the girl who'll eat alone in a restaurant but that's a story for another day.

So tell me, have you have gone solo to something that you usually wouldn't?


  1. You are my hero! I would LOVE to go to a movie alone but I am such a wimp. It is on my list of things to do and I think I may try to muster up the courage to do it next week.

  2. thats awesome. i have never done that before. but im glad u stuck to ur guts and went to see the movie.
    its good, isnt it??
    i really liked it too!

  3. I definitely dont mind doing things alone. Gives me time to think and just be...I have gone to see moveis alone when I lived by myself in Ann Arbor and it was great. My only lonliness would come when I'd laugh at something and then want to share with the person next to me (who wasn't there) ha. I used to eat alone in college ALL the time but never at a restaurant, just the cafeteria! I really like company when I eat!

  4. Ready to hear what a loser I am?

    I went to the premiere of one of the Harry Potter movies (3-4 years ago?) SOLO because no one wanted to go with me.

    I didn't care- I loved it :)

  5. Good for you!! I've been wanting to see that but haven't had the chance yet. It sounds so....intense! I've never gone to a movie alone, but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it if there was something I really wanted to see and no one to go see it with. Your logic makes perfect sense!

  6. Wow! To go alone and watch a scary/dark movie!! Glad you went, you have wanted to see this for a long time :)

  7. When I was a kid, I ALWAYS went to the movies alone because I couldn't always get someone to go with me. So, good for you! And AWESOME you joined the 1000 mile challenge! I'm hoping that will keep me inspired to run all year. :-)

  8. I just found your great blog and I see we ran a few of the same races last year!

    Definately nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself, glad you enjoyed the movie!

  9. I totally agree about seeing movies alone! My friends always want to get together and see a movie, and I always think - but why? Then we can't talk and it's barely like we're hanging out?
    The only time I can think of that I flew solo was when I ate alone at a restaurant once because I was traveling with my family and they were going to a restaurant I didn't like the type of food haha. I felt like it was okay since I was spending every moment with them for the 10 days we were traveling, it was actually kind of peaceful.

  10. I am completely with you. I have no problem going to movies or to eat on my own.

    The first movie I saw alone was Signs with Mel Gibson. I was in high school and it was sold out. I was sitting alone and everyone thought someone would come, so the seats on either side of me were empty. Finally, when the theater got full, someone had to ask if anyone was coming.

    I was pretty embarassed at the time, but then, I thought ..."dang, Im cool enough with myself to do this." It was a big confidence booster in a way for a young girl.

  11. I want to see that movie so bad, but I don't think the husband wants to. I usually end up going to the stores and things like by myself. I like having some time alone.

  12. I have never gone to the movies by myself but I always think about it and then end up running errands instead. But I've eaten out alone... I think its relaxing!