When Sports Bras Go AWOL

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me more cranky then when I am geared up for a workout and something gets in the way and prevents it from happening. Especially when that "something" may or may not be my fault. Yes, that'll get me every single time!

You see friends, while I aim to be active most days of the week the truth is I don't always want to be active. Some days its a struggle. Some days I want to park my butt on the sofa and stay there. So on the days where I do actually feel like moving and working up a sweat its better if nothing stands in my way.

Like, I dunno, say a missing sports bra.

Now the plan was a 4 mile tempo run on the treadmill. If you're a woman I'm sure you can guess why that got nixed almost immediately. Let me just say that these "ladies" do not run free. Ever. I'd wear a bra in the shower if that were practical. I'll leave it at that.

I was not a happy camper (Ok if I'm being honest, I'm never a happy camper...sleeping in a tent blows!)

There were definitely a few disgruntled F-bombs in there too but thankfully  that moment was not caught on film.

Instead of giving up completely I made the best out of the situation and walked on the treadmill for 2 miles. Not my ideal workout but as a wise woman once said "2 miles is better than no miles"

Workout Attempt One: Fail (well, mostly)

Time for round 2.

Since I had been bitten by the workout bug (and I had indulged at the company bake sale) I decided that getting in a sweat session was a must after work. Enter Jillian Michaels, the double whammy.

On deck first: Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. I hadn't done this in months and I am pleased to say its not as hard as I remembered. Its hard, just not AS hard. NMTZ was followed up with 6W26P level one, which was also not quite as challenging as the first few times. Either I am getting stronger or totally wussing out and half-assing most of the moves. Let's go with option A for arguments sake ok?

1 hour and 15 minutes later and I had finally gotten in the workout I'd been looking for since lunch time.

Wait a minute...What the hell kinda thumbs up is that? C'mon Sam, you can do better then that!

Now you got it!!

On a completely unrelated note (although also deserving of an excited thumbs up) I am attending my very first Toronto and area blogger meet up tomorrow. I am really excited to meet some of the fabulous ladies that write some of the blogs I read daily. I will definitely be back with a recap for everyone who couldn't make it!

Happy Friday everyone!

So tell me, any fun plans this weekend??


  1. Grrr! Forgetting a bra is a huge annoyance. I'm lacking in the chest area, but I still can't imagine running without one. Once I forgot my "regular bra" when at a workout before work. I didn't have time to drive home and get one, so I had to run into a store (with my coat tightly buttoned) on my way to work.

  2. I've made the mistake of running without a sports bra... never again!

  3. Oh, that's kills the drill doesn't it?!! Glad you got a walk in at least!! :)

    You have the prettiest eyes!!

  4. I've been ordered to rest by my Doctor . . . so I'm going to take the opportunity to go see "The King's Speech" with the Husband! :o)

  5. I'm so sad to hear that you are going, only because I had tried to get rid of my shift at work to no avail :-(.

    Have a blast tomorrow and say hi to all the ladies for me.

  6. I hate forgetting stuff when I go to the gym! No fun!!!

    Have fun with the meet up! :D

  7. Ugh, that's the worst. I've forgotten my entire gym bag before and my trainer convinced me to workout in my jeans and tank top. Not fun. Never again. And I wear a 32A bra...TMI.

  8. Ugh! I hate when this happens!! I've done it a few times and whenever I do, I stand in the gym and have an intense debate with myself about what I'm going to do (and on days when you've already talked yourself into going to the gym, this fact can be the thing that pushes you over the edge and convinces you to go back to the couch!!). I have ended up running in just a regular bra, but it is NOT fun. Sounds like you did a great job saving the workout though! I really want to try the 6 Week 6 Pack workout. It sounds really good!

  9. i hate when i forget something. or the something i packed made it miserable. last night my brand new sports bra totally cut into my chest. awesome.

  10. Gym-bag-forgetfulness strikes again! Sorry about the missed run.

  11. I hate it when I forget something! UGH! But it looks like you made up for forgetting it and still got a pretty good workout in!

    Have fun at the meet up!

  12. I am always forgetting things. Usually it's my ipod or a hair elastic and my gym is kind enough to lend me their spares. Congrats on getting a good workout in despite the snag. Hope you had fun at the blogger meet up!

  13. This DVD, along with 30 Day Shred and Boost Metabolism, is hard. But after every workout I feel AMAZING. Yes, I'm exhausted, sweaty, and my muscles are aching and trembling, but I feel energized and sharper mentally. I exercise five days a week, alternating workout videos, and take the weekends "off", during which I find I now have more energy to do everything from working in the garden to running around theme parks. I'm actually sleeping better too.