I Need a Do-Over

It was a battle.


Its a rivalry that dates back to '09 when I first discovered that a) nothing beats running outside in the fresh, fresh air and b) running more than a couple of miles on this beast is dreadfully boring and may just be the death of me.

Nonetheless I wanted to get a workout in. I haven't ran at all this year (thanks goodness it's only the 5th and that seems worse then it is). I figured an easy 2 mile run would do me some good and get me back into the swing of things.

I was wrong.

I lightly jogged a little and walked a lot and after thirty minutes of barely breaking a sweat a called it a day and went to do some abs. For whatever reason, today was not my day.

We will meet again dreadmill. Watch your back, ya hear?

On a tired day where the alarm clock went off too early, a workout is a virtual impossibility and computer problems are endless I wish I could call in a "do-over" and I'd be free to just wake up and start the day again.Wouldn't that be nice?

But while I can't call in a fresh start to the day at whim I can make breakfast for dinner and pretend its morning.

It's practically the same as a "do-over" if you ask me.

So tell me, if you got one "do-over" what would you do again?


  1. Find a running routine online to do on the treadmill! Keep it more interesting!


  2. I totally feel the same way about the treadmill!!

    And my do-over would be to have planned my PiYo class today instead of procrastinating!

  3. i hate the dreadmill it makes more running 10000 times harder than it really is.
    my do over would have been to stretch before and after my bike ride yesterday becuase now im so sore

  4. My do-over would be to suck it up and do two more hill repeats yesterday. Next time, for sure! Breakfast for dinner is a great idea.

  5. what a delicious looking breakfast dinner!

    I have a hate/hate relationship with the dreadmill too! ;)

  6. I have a ridiculously short attention span, so unless there's a really good movie on tv, I have a hard time staying on the treadmill for long. I tend to bounce around to different cardio machines and save my long runs for outside and with a good partner.

  7. i totally skipped the gym today after having an argument with the husband, lol. i wish i would have just gone and let out some stress! :)

  8. Dreadmill.... I LOVE it! I feel the exact same way! I am training for a race, and it's been pretty cold where I live so I have had to do quite a few runs on the treadmill! BORING!

  9. The treadmill can be brutal. I have to cover the time and distance otherwise I fixate on it. You can conquer the treadmill. I believe in you.

  10. The dreadmill -- that's awesome! I hate it too. I used to be able to run 5-6 miles on it and now I die if I run more than 3. I can maybe push it to 4 if I do interval training. Running outside has ruined it for me.

    I'd like to have a do-over on NYE. I was sick, just laying on my couch. Boo!